1 Our first meeting

-Every new semester ... everyone is in his place ... the bell rang, but the new teacher did not attend ... everyone went away ... What are my gifts ... so if Jungkook enters the classroom

Jungkook: Sorry for the delay ... I am Jungkook, my new teacher.

-By the way, I'm Jisoo a student at the University of Music, I'll leave you with my story ...

-When Jungkook reached class he found everyone walked away ...

Jungkook: I see everyone is leaving ... You are what your name

JS: My name is Jisoo

Jungkook: I'm sorry for being late, I was late on the way

JS: Well I'll dismiss

Jungkook: Do you have lectures today

JS: No ... I don't have, why do you ask?

Jungkook: Since the students left and we both stayed, we can go out on a tour

- Both graduated from university

JS: Is this your car

Jungkook: Yeah ... why?

JS: You look rich ...

Jungkook: It doesn't matter ... the important thing is to have a nice day

- They went to the restaurant and sat down and got to know each other more

Jungkook: Can you give me your number

JS: Yeah, please, +810000000000 ... can I ask you

Jungkook: Yeah, go ahead ...

JS: Can I take a picture with you to keep a memory

Jungkook: Yeah ...

-The next day Jisoo went to school ... so she saw everyone taking pictures with Jungkook ... I asked her friend

JS: When everyone is taking pictures with Jungkook

Elma: He's the best singer from BTS

- Jisoo went to Jungkook and slapped him.

JS: You idiot, when you didn't tell me yesterday

Jungkook: What should I tell you?

JS: You're a singer ...

Jungkook: Should I tell you to go out on a date with you?

JS: Yeah, because I hate singers

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