274 8.1 First Blue Star - Star Network

The system and host duo had once again left the Nether System to resume their world-hopping journey. This time Hei Anjing had chosen a D ranked World to take a rest. The last world he came out from is a B ranked world which means his and his husband's enemies being there is normal. 

Moreover, he had died twice the last time and needed to spend 10,000 years in the training world to stabilize his injuries. He truly almost died in the last world. Thankfully his husband's soul had split in that world and the effects of his bloodline's weakness were halved as well. 

It only took an instant for the both of them to enter the next star. 


Interstellar World

Oberion Empire

First Military Academy 

[Ding! Transfer complete!] 

The usual sound of a computer was heard from his head when Hei Anjing opened his eyes. What welcomed him was a grumpy-looking yet captivating man scolding him in his face at this moment. 


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