70 4.7 Third Blue Star - Destroyers and World Hoppers


Scientists' Dormitory.

In one of the rooms under the jurisdiction of the staff where most scientists reside, a man with short black hair wearing glasses on face was walking around inside his room in a circle. Obviously this man is one of the scientists of this place, but his situation seems to be more special than other people. He is like Gui Lan, an outsider but with a different purpose than his. This world hopper possessed the vessel called Professor Sen, one of the scientists that was against this institute's goal of using children for experimental subjects. His real name is Liu Yan. Liu Yan will be called Professor Sen.

[Calm down my host. I've already reported the issue to the Main Core of the God System. If it is indeed an outsider then there are only two options the host can choose from. First is to eliminate the outsider and the host will receive extra rewards for it if the entity is an non-authorized personnel. Second the host could cooperate with the outsider and reach a consensus of being an ally.]

"System, you've said I would receive an extra reward for eliminating the outsider but what do you mean by a non-authorized person?" asked Sen.

[Answering to the host. There are some circumstances where authorized people like higher beings descended to few stars to do their tasks. Their tasks were divided into three kinds: Repair, Execution and Stabilize. While non-authorized ones were illegal world hoppers and they were called destroyers. Their only goal is the world's energy and doesn't care whatever means they need to achieve it. Most Destroyers were Gods or former world hoppers like the host, who aren't able to reach enlightenment even with the God System's help. They choose to destroy worlds to steal the life of the star to supplement theirs. These destroyers were the targets of elimination of Executioners.]

"Who is the strongest Executioner in the God System? Can't we try contacting him? The one might be a destroyer to be able to notice your surveillance at such a clear difference of realm." replied Sen.

[According to the ranking in God System the strongest executioner is the God of Destruction. But the God of Destruction had taken his vacation a few years ago and is still ongoing.]

"Why the hell did he have to be on vacation at this time!? So unfair. I wanted a vacation too!" exclaimed Sen. Apparently his rating as a world hopper was high enough to allow him to turn off the OOC [Out of Character] function. Before I forgot his system's avatar is a white kitten currently laying on his shoulders. Of course! invisible mode.

"What should I do if that person comes over here? Would I die tonight?" asked Sen to his system as if he was about to cry.

[The Host shouldn't worry. The target had fallen asleep and will not be making a move tonight. The host should wait for the report from the Main Sys---...]

All of the sudden the little white kitten from Professor Sen's shoulder was grabbed on its neck.

"System!?" exclaimed Sen when he turned around he saw the same child Gui Lan carrying his little white kitten system by its neck.

"You are a system but the power that is used is different from the ghostly qi from the Netherworld. What is your... Hm~ never mind I need to check on something. Check the identity of Hei Anjing in your system's database. I mean from 'your' main core system." said Gui Lan as took a seat at the softest part of the bed like it was his right to do so.

Gui Lan said, "Do it or I'll kill your host."

Sen upon hearing his life was on line he could only beg his system for help. After all he didn't know what kind of death he will experience from this dangerous man... oh, child? If it's only an ordinary death then he will only return to his system space with his system but if it's not that then thinking of the result made him cry.

Sen pleads to his system, "Ying. Ying. Ying. Save me System! Ah!"

[...] Please don't Ying it doesn't suit your age!

Gui Lan used his original ability he unsealed from the last world. 'Teleportation', the ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between. He had longed noticed some kind of energy is spying on him but since his system, Yue is not around, he wasn't able to pinpoint his target. Only when it got too close to him just now that he was able to feel its trails. Using his qi, he put a tracing imprint when Sen used his system to peer at him that one time.

[I'll try contacting God System's administrators. Connection approved!

Now asking for a copy of the world's data...

Verification message. Please enter the name of authority.


Enter: Hei Anjing

Authority's name verified.

Position: Third Tier Command. (This is the third highest ranked position. If based in clan position, he can be considered as an elder. [(1)Clan Old Master, (2)Clan Master then (3) Elders])

God System's back up data received.

Initiating in progress! Completion rates in progress.






Backup data retrieved completed!

I will now pass the data please don't reject the system's temporary link.]

"Approved." replied Gui Lan who closed his eyes as he received the data recorded under his name.

It was only one of his conjectures and didn't expect to hit a jackpot. He knew that because of Yue his system and his husband is keeping things from him. Either that or even they didn't know, then there would only be one option left if even those two didn't know anything. It must be himself who made it so his current state will be memoryless. The question is why his memories were sealed instead. He closed his eyes to digest the data he got. The kitten on his hand escaped and ran towards his host after fulfilling his duty. He was given freedom.

Sen who is holding his system, "My system~ Welcome back~ (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ Mwah~"

[Please stop being a disgusting Host. Don't bother the Venerable Lord!]

"Venerable Lord!? Who is the hell is he?" asked Sen.

[The host's authority is low. Unable to answer the host's question.]

"Shit! Is he a high ranking person?! C-Can we get benefits?" whispered to his system.

[That... The host must work on it yourself.]

These two silly pairs of host and system finally remain silent waiting for Gui Lan to open his eyes. It didn't take long for him to finish looking through the records of his identity. Upon learning everything he needed Gui Lan opened his eyes and smiled. But despite his smile his eyes were glinting with hints of silver, showing extreme fury and murderous intent.

"Those bastards really dared! I'll clean them up when I get back." murmured Gui Lan as he emits killing intent that was felt even by the system in the place.

Professor Sen approached him despite his fear. He is obviously frightened and silly that he and his system hug each other while seated on the floor looking at Gui Lan from a distance.

Stuttering in fear, "S-Sire... are you... done?" asked Sen in an extremely respectful way.

"You are still here. Good timing. I need to ask you something. What are your tasks?" asked Gui Lan.

"T-That... that I don't remember." replied Sen as he avoided Gui Lan's scary gaze.

Gui Lan smirks at him before looking coldly at the cat in his arm. "Your host is stupid. You answer for him."

[Yes, Venerable Lord. The host main task is to prevent the death of the original protagonist shou of this world, Li Xing. The host needed to bring out the protagonist shou out of this institute safely and let him meet the protagonist gong in the Supernatural Investigation Department 20 years hereafter. Report done.]

"I see. That is just my side task. I will give it to you. I will give you a heads up. You've seen those children when you peek at me a while ago?"

"Y-Yes sire." replied Sen.

"Remember them and make sure to be the one involved in their experiment time. Make sure our group enters your itinerary. Have your system tampers the surveillance in that laboratory. There is no need to do anything, just put them to sleep until the experiment time is done. This will be done for four days. You can work with the other two scientists named Lin Ye and Ke Lou about this. But don't forget these two are original residents, don't let them realize the existence of your system. We are planning to escape by the end of this month. I will make sure all of us will get separated by then. You can grab Li Xing and complete your task." explained Gui Lan.

Gui Lan then passed two things on Sen's hands. One is an origami of a crane and the other is a special ticket called redeeming ticket he got from Yue. According to the information he got this redemption ticket has universal use. Sen as a world hopper can use it.

"Keep the origami with you at all times or give it to your system. I'll contact him instead. The redemption ticket is your reward. Forget everything you've witnessed in this room. 'Everything'. Just do your task. After all, I'm supposed to be not here." after saying all those Gui Lan disappeared before Sen. He used his teleportation ability to return back to his room and resume his sleep.

He ignores whatever reaction this system and host pair have to their own. After all, he is currently someone supposed to be not involved with the God system at this moment. Few moments after Gui Lan left, Sen stared at the thing on his hand. Precisely at the golden colored item called Redemption Ticket. He knew what a Redemption Ticket is. This is a luxury item that is even rarer than dragons from where he came from.

"S-System. Am I seeing things right? A G-G-Golden colored Redemption Ticket!!??" exclaimed Sen.

[Yes. It's a Divine Tier Item. The Golden Ticket of Redemption. It's a consumable item that will allow the host to redeem one thing in the God System Mall. But I wish to advise the host to instead convert the item to points as none of the divine tier items in System Mall can be used by the host. Host's cultivation is still lacking.]

"I... I'm a Demigod. It's still not enough?" asked Sen.

[Items that can be redeemed by the Golden Ticket of Redemption are things that can only be consumed by God Kings and above. Does the host wish to explode for overconsumption of world energy?]

"I-I'll explode?"

[Yes! No remains. Not even a speck of soul fragment.]

"Then I'll just convert it to points. How much will it be after conversion?"

[That will be 10 Million Points. With this the host can buy a high grade Godhead for cultivation upgrade to become a God. Congratulations to the Host for becoming a God.]

"G-God. I can become a God with this Gold Ticket from that Venerable Lord!?"

[Yes. Host. Do you wish to continue the conversion of items?]

"Of course. Yes, of course! Hehehe~ I thought I'll need a few more hundred years to become a God. To think just meeting that Venerable Lord I could become a God in just a minute. By the way, what is that Venerable Host's cultivation? Are you also not allowed to tell me? Impossible it is not his identity I'm asking just his cultivation stage."

[The Main System had accepted your argument and allowed us to comply with this loophole in the rules once.]

"Wow~ Lucky~ So what is it?" It seems this world hopper is not very keen in the mind but seems extremely lucky at times.

[The Venerable Lord is a Celestial God.]

The reply his system told him rendered him speechless. He could only open his mouth and eyes widely in shocked and dismay. He is indeed worthy of being called a Venerable Lord.


Inferno's Main Headquarters.

Inside a luxurious looking room. In a beautifully curated bedroom that features a mix of high-shine, semi-modern home decorations that boasts on the room ambience in a sea of neutrals. The flooring was kept simple with a classic white jade floor and rugs that are simple in pattern and carpets that feature a low pile with shade. Exposed beams, timber-clad walls and stone elements characterize context.

The colors in the room range in shades of white to grey then black, only these three colors. It gives a feeling of gloominess and absolute silence. In the side table made of black jade and black coated sofa chairs, a man is seated while staring at the scenery outside his window with a glass of wine in his hand. The scenery outside the window is just a simple evening sky. There aren't numerous scattered stars instead a huge bright moon hangs in the middle of the dark carpet in the sky.

This man spoke out loud despite just being him alone inside the dimmed lit bedroom. Moving the glass in his hands, twirling the wine in it.

"Is there really a fragment really here? System go check if that fragment really fell in this little world." the man said.

[Master. I've checked. There's a feeling of soul fragments in this star.]

"Soul fragments? Not just one?"

[Yes, Master. But I couldn't be sure how many there? At first there were many then only one. Now it's vague as if someone is hindering my detection skill.]

This man suddenly started laughing.

"Hahaha~ Interesting. I wonder what's in this little star that can blur even your dejection skills as a high level system. Anyway more fragments means more world energy. I wonder how I can enjoy my time in this world. I'm getting excited for this. Locate the place where the nearest soul fragment stays. Let's hunt them one by one."

[Location found. The nearest Soul fragment is found within one of Inferno branch in the city. I had pinpoint the exact location for the master.]

"Good! Let the hunt begin~"


After returning back to room 0373 and laying back on the bed to sleep, Gui Lan suddenly heard a familiar system prompt in his mind.

[Ping! Host, Yue is back now. It took awhile as the energy of this little star kept fluctuating.]

System Yue didn't notice the strangeness in his host's gaze when looking at him in the mind space of his system.

Gui Lan replied in his mind, "Welcome back, Yue. What are the results of your investigation?"

[Reporting: According to the core of Nether System, this world is rated as an A Class world. There are currently two outsiders like the host. One of them is a world hopper from another main core system and the other is a destroyer. The latter one is a dangerous existence, the host is given a special task from the core of the Nether system. Eliminate the destroyer for this special task the host is given a skill card: Limit Break. With this card the host is able to use its unsealed cultivation for 10 minutes. The host now has two Limit Break Skill cards in the system inventory.]

An Icy voice resounds in the system's mind space, "10 minutes is too much for killing a mere bug." muttered Gui Lan in his mind frightening even Yue who knew the extent of his host's real strength.

[Upon checking the host is now only able to redeem three items. Did the host redeem something from the system mall?]

"Yes. I took two of that red string of fate." replied Gui Lan.

[Host let me read your memories to check on your current progress in this world.]

Gui Lan took a short second of silence before agreeing to his system's requests, but before he let his system look through his memories he encapsulate the original memories of meeting the world hopper named Liu Yan and his system and create a false memory which doesn't includes him of the part where he used his name to check on his authority from the other's system connection to the God System. This only took a few seconds to be done.

"Actually I've already met that world hopper you were saying just now. He is in this institute as well. Anyway you can look through it yourself." said Gui Lan as he let Yue look through the altered memories he made.

[Please pardon me, Host.]

"Go ahead. I'll go ahead and sleep now. Good night, Yue." replied Gui Lan.

[Good night, host.]

Yue replied. He first waited for his host to fall asleep before looking through his memories. Actually this action of checking through his host's memory's are orders from his boss. While he and his boss were waiting for the evaluation of the star to be stabilized and analyzed, they've felt a strong fluctuation of killing intent from the star where his host resides. At first his boss thought that it might just be some kind of glitch, but when they saw the results of the star's evaluation, the supposed D rank Star suddenly became an A rank Star instead. It's no wonder that the world tasks and plots were strangely weird.

The fact that few outsiders entered that A rank world with one of them having a potential destroyer Yue thought that strong killing qi might have come from that destroyer but for some reason his boss thought otherwise. The boss thought it was his host's seals weakening and told him to check on it. This is the real reason for checking his host's memories. Thankfully upon checking there is nothing weird on it. Yue secretly took a deep sigh in his heart without knowing that almost everything that is happening in this little world is already someone's control.

[A recap about the skills of our characters:

(Yi Zheng) Morality Viewing, ability to peer into a person's inner self to determine character.

(Li Guang) Photographic Memory, ability to remember things as photos in his memories.

(Li Xing) Photographic Deduction, ability to figure out connections in whatever the user is investigating. 

(Yun Li) Rhythm Intuition, the knowledge/intuition of the rhythm and fluctuation of the soundwaves.

(Xu Lun) Survival Intuition, the ability to know all survival skills for all types of environments and being able to work effortlessly in those environments.

(Xie Ye) Mind Reading, an ability to read the mind of certain people whose mental strength is weaker than his.

(Gui Lan) Our overpowered MC's original supernatural abilities:

*Precognition, ability to see a fracture of future events.

*Retrocognition, the power to discern events of the past.

*Teleportation, the ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between.

(Original Gui Lan's Special Ability)

*Telepathy, the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

(Newly gained ability)

*Authority, the power to impose absolute commands upon any existence, even reality itself.

A/n: This information about supernatural ability is based from a wiki fandom: [https://powerlisting.fandom.com] Everyone can check on it if you're interested.]

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