776 14.52 Last Violet Star - Crimson Cloud Peak's Disciples (1)

A sudden request from the Emperor of all humans. Though this seems a bit selfish on the side of the cultivators who fight evil to protect the common people, Yun Huaxia and Bai Qiyin could understand the emperor's feelings. In the first place, they've already planned to agree to this kind of request.

Thankfully, Hei Anjing who had the authority to decide on the ending of the Devil had already passed a message to them through Chun Hongyun-Jun. They've already received a message from them and the Old sect master on their way here.

Yun Huaxia spoke, "We had actually received a message passed by Wuan'er himself. He told us to pass his message to you, Human Emperor."

"Let me hear it," said Emperor Hong.

Bai Qiyin said, "Brother would come to the capital after a month. He said to do as you wish within that time. He doesn't care whether you try to melt the ice or hide it. He will find the devil regardless."


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