771 14.47 Last Violet Star - (Past) First Meeting in the Mortal Realm.

It took a few hours before all the victims returned to normal. Those whose limbs and body parts had returned all kowtowed at Bai Wuan. They knew that the pills they ate were all made by this extremely beautiful man. The ladies were also very thankful to him. After all, they've heard Bai Wuan's promise to help them restore their confidence and sealed up a part of that past that tortured their minds.

After the case was closed, Yun Huaxia called for reinforcement. They've asked for female disciples to escort the victims back to their families. They've especially called for female disciples which were rarely seen in the territory of the (Blue Fleeting Cloud Sect) Lan Zhuayan Sect.

The female disciples of the (Blue Fleeting Cloud Sect) Lan Zhuayan Sect are quite famous. They are well known for their elegance and most male cultivators consider them the best candidate for Dao companions.


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