720 13.21 - Missed Star - Enemy's Infiltration

They have once again returned to their daily lives. Waiting for the next Elimination Match to be scheduled, the players were given 2-3 months of vacation while Crossover Variety Show was still planning for the next arena to be used. Some players went to Dragon Cosmos to enhance their training. Team Silent Night was among the group who entered the Military Regime for their training. 

They were scheduled for 2 months of training and decided to use the last month for rest. Team Autumn Dragon was in the same cosmos solely for vacation. He Yuu took his fiancée all over the place. Leaving all their work to his elder brother He Ling and Cao Jun. Ye Qiuji on the other hand spends most of his time with his husband while doing some of their work together, entering the honeymoon stage where only the two are together.


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