647 12.49 Unknown Star - Modern ABO World: First Case - Alive Victims

Somewhere within the district.

At some small hidden clinic within the slums area.

A man had returned from somewhere wearing a black overall raincoat that hides his whole body including his head and face. If one closely looked at the trails of his steps on the ground a slight droplet of blood was washed away by the rain leaving no traces of blood coming from this man. He went to his backyard, a part of it protected by the rain. He burns up the pile of dry leaves and wood to create a fire.

After removing his black raincoat, he flung it to remove the excess raindrops allowing it to dry. Since it was made from a waterproof material it dried almost instantly and threw the raincoat at the bonfire he made. He watches as the raincoat which was splashed with the blood of his victims slowly burns into ashes. As for the remaining traces of blood, it had been long washed away.


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