645 12.47 Unknown Star - Modern ABO World: Yi Rouya's Stupidity.


While eating breakfast together Ye Yuyan and Hei Yuhua had a conversation about the Red Poppy Syndicate. Hei Yuhua told his husband about his new mission from Nightshade. 

Ye Yuyan said, "He wanted you to remove the attention of the police on the pier at the end of this month? Why?"

"Two Executives outside the country would be coming in ours through the sea. You had tightened the control over airlines so they couldn't nonchalantly pass through airports as they wish now. Sea route is currently the safest for them." explained Hei Yuhua.

Ye Yuyan asked, "Who are those two? You know their codenames?"

"Azalea the witch doctor and Hyacinth the sweet talker. They are both experts in their fields. Azalea is even a well-known surgeon abroad." answered Hei Yuhua.

Ye Yuyan thought about their disguise using human masks and asked, "Would they come over disguised?"


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