623 12.25 Unknown Star - Modern ABO World: Flower code names

After eating breakfast, Hei Yuhua and Ye Yuyan change their homely clothes to casual ones. They are planning to head to the flower garden to have a mini date but they are easy to recognize if only the two of them leave the building. There are so many prying eyes watching them from the shadows. So they decided to bring Lou Wei and force him to wear some disguise to become their bodyguard.

He and Hei Yuhua wear some disguise as well. A different color wig and some colored contact lenses. Hei Yuhua wore long black hair and tied it up in a loose ponytail. This wig covered up his rare silver hair which is the trademark of the top agent of Aster. His silver eyes were covered with light brown colored contact lenses now he looks more like a delicate beauty than a rare beauty he had always been. 


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