545 11.71 First Green Star - Punishment World: 'Labyrinth' (1)

List of Rewards for Hei Anjing and his group. 

{Main mission rewards:

6 out of 6 completed. Mission: Collect all 18 stamps to leave Hell. 

Rewards: 800,000 gold coins and 6 life-saving talismans


Side Mission rewards.

Group Rewards: [Note: Players who had signed a group platform contract are considered one person in all games. As long as one of them is alive and the game is completed, the whole group would pass.]

1st layer to 6th layer: Completed

1,000 gold coins x 6 players x 6 layers = 36,000 gold coins

Extra reward: (Completion of all six layers) 

1(6) Healing items from the roulette.)

7th layer to 12th layer: Completed

3,000 gold coins x 6 players x 6 layers = 108,000 gold coins


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