10 1.9 First Small Star – Shameless Couple

Once the emperor left the room.

Everyone else inside was left dumbfounded, especially the two protagonists of the world. They could hear the group of directors and producers exhaling loudly in relief.

Even the Film Emperor couldn't help but asked as he saw their boss following after his ex-lover. Though he really didn't show much surprise when seeing Xia Ying's sudden outburst as he knew that no one really knew the true face of Xia Ying.

When he saw Xia Ying crying that time he realized that the latter was only acting when the few posts about Xia Yang had been exposed anonymously and that just by judging on those different perspectives of the videos.

He knew that the one who posted those scandalous videos of Xia Yang is none other than Xia Ying. Not that he has proof but when he saw those videos his attraction towards Xia Yang suddenly lessened and felt more interested towards the Moon Twin instead of his lovely Sun Twin.


Lu Ziyun asked the group of directors and producers. "Excuse me. Director Chen but can I ask what is the relationship between the emperor and Xia Ying?"

The old-timers looked at him with a slight frown since they knew the former relationship he had with Xia Ying, but they were already well informed about their emperor wooing Xia Ying, and no matter what angle Lu Ziyun would not be able to do anything as the emperor held the reins of his career.

A Film Emperor and Empire's Emperor. Though both are entitled as Emperor their standing is vast. One means ruling the acting career while the other rules the whole Entertainment Industry.

Director Chen likes Lu Ziyun because of his acting talent and didn't wish for this bright star to suddenly fall for going against their Huangdi.

"This… Xiao Lu, I think it would be better if you stay away from Xia Ying. After all, you've already broken up for a long time."

Another Director said, "Actually we are suggesting this because… we worry about your career. Please just forget about A'Ying. You're not meant to be together."

Bewildered, Lu Ziyun asked with a palling face as he felt something bad had already happened and it's already beyond his means to interfere.

"Sirs, w-what do you mean?"

"Simple. The Emperor fell in love with Xia Ying at first sight. He has been courting him for 3 months already. I heard that they are about to be official soon." Said by one of the producers.

"This is the Emperor we are talking about. Even if Sir Xia used to be your lover, in the future he can only be known as the Emperor's Beloved. Moreover, it's not like you knew everything about Sir Xia don't you?" said Yi, the emperor secretary said.

Lu Ziyun and everyone else was left dumbfounded while the former was stunned in speechless and disbelief.

Meanwhile, Wang Tian left the audition venue just to follow his little devil. As he leaves the building, he suddenly feels uneasiness as if someone is targeting him and dodge the incoming danger. He saw a hand targeting his chin which he dodged in a split moment, as well the follow-up attacks from the little one who wanted to beat him up. It took half an hour to dodge the little one's attack and waited for him to get tired of it. Seeing the panting little devil before him, Wang Tian couldn't help but feel entertained.

With a playful smile on his handsome face, "Tired?" said Wang Tian to Xia Ying.

Glaring at Wang Tian after getting tired but still unable to land a single hit on that smug face pissed him off.


"You! I'm ignoring you! Humph!" said Xia Ying who was intending to take his leave ignoring the one teasing him behind but even before he could take a step forward, he felt that his body left the ground and was floating.

Wang Tian lifted him up in his arms like he was weightless. He carried Xia Ying in Princess style.

Smiling entertained, "I was wrong. I won't bully you anymore. Are you hungry? Let's eat lunch." Replied Wang Tian who captured the little one in his arms.

"Hmp! Do you think this lord will forgive you? Unless you feed this lord with high-class steak then you can forget about it! A nicely cooked one!" replied Xia Ying who doesn't even feel embarrassed that someone is holding him up like a woman. He raised his head proudly like a peacock as he looked down on Wang Tian with a fearless gaze.

Seeing such a proud expression on his little devil Wang Tian felt happiness surging his being as he unconditionally smiled at the little one.

"Then this emperor will treat with my lord little devil, a high-class steak as you wish." Replied Wang Tian as he carried Xia Ying towards the parking lot and brought him to a star-class steak restaurant for lunch.

They even spent dinner together and unexpectedly got along well as usual.

These two got along well and spent most of their mealtime together. Rumors got out from the internet that Xia Ying had chosen Wang Tian as his patron as they continue to pour dirty water on Xia Ying's reputation.

Of course! The source of these rumors is none other than Xia Yang who envies his brother for his relationship with the Empire's Emperor, Wang Tian, and his brainless fans.

Posts online about Xia Ying:

I love to sleep: The emperor and the ice prince!? No way! They didn't fit together; one is a royal while the other is a beggar.

I love to eat: That slut seducing my husband the emperor! Go die! Gold digger!

Eating dog food: Munch~ munch! This dog food is quite delicious.

Dog Food is my favorite: munching, indeed quite juicy! You are right with the one above me.

Emperor's Wife: Slaves! You dare to dirty my husband!? You do really think that whore Xia Ying is worthy of the emperor! Hmp! He's dreaming!!!

In SSS District, while Xia Ying is playing with his tablet he smiles as he looks at those posts who continue to pour dirty water on him. although he was smiling his eyes were glinting with malice and repressed anger.

"Hmmm~ it's been a while since someone else dared to play with me online. This should shut them up!" said Xia Ying as he uploaded a few things with regards to those posers.

Their dirty little secrets were all uploaded in a short time causing a huge commotion on the net. Even the proof of Xia Yang posing the news about Xia Ying and Wang Tian was uploaded anonymously. No one knows who posted it, but they didn't care as the news posted took all their attention.

Especially those dirty little secrets that made most of the anti-fans scare the life out of them and stayed offline for a few days. After the proof was brought out, especially the videos of Xia Yang's tantrums, his career is almost over. Xia Ying was laughing as he watched everyone's reaction to the news. Wang Tian especially made a Weibo post clearing up Xia Ying's name.

I am the Emperor: This Huang happily informed everyone about my pursuit of Xia Ying. Xia Ying is this emperor's little devil. Anyone who dares to diss my little devil has to answer to me, the Emperor.

Eating dog food: Munch~ munch! This dog food is extremely delicious. Empress, you must accept the Emperor's edict!!!

Dog Food is my favorite: munching, the one above me, you must save some of my favorite food.

Emperor's Wife changed to Emperor's Concubine: T-This concubine kneels before the Empress… Empress, please forgive this slave. Those f---… Huhuhu! This dog slave has a bad mouth. I beg the Empress for forgiveness.

I am the little devil: This lord doesn't need to beg the Emperor for money or connection. As for this lord is the owner of Wonderland. [Posted proofs] [proofs] [more proofs]. Hahaha~ you can continue to kneel before this lord.

I am the little devil: P.S.: Mr. Wang of Tech-support Dept., Mr. Xu of HR Dept and Ms. Xu of Reception, I am glad to inform you that you are now fired for slandering your own President. Your compensation shall be sent over through my confidant, Secretary Li. Thank you!

I love to sleep: Fuck! It's real! It's real… that the mysterious owner of Wonderland is Xia Ying!!

I love to eat: [Kowtowing] P-President… I… I'm… My mouth is dirty! Please don't fire me!!!

Emperor's Concubine changed to Empress' Slave: P-P-President! I'm really sorry. I won't do it again! NO don't fire me! NO! Empress! Forgive me!!!

I am the little devil: Eh~ but this lord already sent you your final salary~ Lalala~

Eating dog food: [Sweating] G-Good thing. I-I I only love to eat dog food.

Dog Food is my favorite: [Sweating Badly] [Nodding in agreement] Y-Yea, I feel bad for those who dissed the Empress now, but this news is unexpectedly juicy!

I love to sleep: [Crying in fear] Wuwu~ E-Empress… please forgive this slave….

I love to eat: [Kowtowing while crying in fear] P-President! Wuwu~ It's all that bitch Xia Yang's fault!! Why did he have to upload such fake news regarding the empress!!! Wuwu~ I'm fired now~

Empress' Slave: [About to go crazy] That bitch! That bitch! Bitch! Xia Yang! You whore you cause this slave to be fired!! I'll fucking kill you!!!

I am the little devil changed to I am the Empress: Good Luck~

I am the Empress: My dear~ why aren't you home yet?

I am the Emperor: On my way home, wife!

The online almost exploded in shock, excitement, anger, and fear altogether. No one dared to say bad things about Xia Ying after that event. Their fear towards him is enough to rival the Emperor of the Empire, Wang Tian. And most news the media posted was all about news about dissing Xia Yang of the scandals he passed on his brother blaming him for it just to cover up his own dirt.

The reporters and anti-fans were throwing things at him, insulting him nonstop that he ended up losing his career as an actor and hid in slums. Lu Ziyun upon hearing this news felt extremely embarrassed and regretful but he knew that he could never blame Xia Ying for this as everything is their fault.

News broke out that Lu Ziyun and Xia Yang were the ones asking Xia Ying to take every fall Xia Yang made as someone who did the unspoken rules.

This pair was dubbed as a calamity. They were both hated, especially Xia Yang who was dubbed as a gold-digging slut. Lu Ziyun decided not to save Xia Yang after this, choosing to save his own career. He was still able to remain in the industry as he still held the title of the Film Emperor.

In the end, the movie 'Scarlet Heaven' was postponed because the second male lead was basked in scandal and was removed to his position. Then the temporary protagonist in place of Xia Ying accepted the awarding terms of the emperor to fill the second male lead position instead without hesitation as he himself knows that there will only one person fit to that position and accepted without questions.

Until the day the movie will once again restart filming, the emperor, Wang Tian, brought a struggling little one on his shoulder like a little cat in one of his bad mood swings.

Everyone was shocked by that scene. No one else aside from the emperor would dare to kidnap Wonderland's Fairy King, Xia Ying.

Struggling little kitten, "Let go! Let go of me, you kidnapper!" shouted Xia Ying within the place.

Wang Tian was carrying Xia Ying in his shoulder, ignoring his angry little kitten, "Stop struggling you'll fall, Wife!"

'S-Sire… did you kidnap our protagonist!? M-Moreover…Wife!?'

The staffs' thought upon seeing Xia Ying arrive on their emperor's shoulder like a bag of rice.

"Who the hell is your wife!? You've trespassed my home and brought me here you kidnapper!" replied Xia Ying.

Patting his wife's butt, "Didn't I help you take a bath and brought your breakfast? You promise you will be my protagonist in my movie. You can't break your promise wife!" replied Wang Tian.

Blushing in embarrassment, "Ah!? W-Where do you think you're touching!? Perv! Bastard! Let go! I'm going to bite you." Rebuked Xia Ying with angry tears in his eyes after getting bullied by Wang Tian.

Feeling that he had teased his wife a bit too much, "Okay, I'll stop! Don't cry. I'll buy you some sushi for lunch. So, let's start filming okay?" Wang Tian said who lifted his wife properly in his arms.

Seeing the little one with a pouting expression he couldn't help but steal a little kiss on those cherry puffed lips, which made the latter red in embarrassment. Wang Tian's action of stealing kisses resulted in him receiving some reward. He ended up getting bitten on his neck by his scarlet-faced wife.

Bitten on his neck with full teeth!

"Ow, ow… wife! Gently! Don't bite that hard!" coaxed Wang Tian.

Finished biting, Xia Ying only calmed down after seeing his full set of clean teeth mark on Wang Tian's neck he proudly smiled at his magnificent work.

"If you buy me that milk tea from the usual place this lord will forgive you!" replied Xia Ying.

Sighing in defeat Wang Tian could only accept, "I will ask someone to buy it for you. Let's start filming okay?"

After getting what he wanted, "Okay, Let's begin!" nodding in agreement as his mood turned better.

The adorable flirting antics of the two didn't escape the eyes of the Film Emperor, filling his eyes with envy and regret as he looked at how happy Xia Ying is in Wang Tian's arms. He can only keep his envy and jealousy inside his heart while glaring at Wang Tian with anger for stealing his beloved before him.

He had long forgotten his sun and completely fell for the moon only for him to forever not be able to approach it anymore in this lifetime.

Before the filming began the staff was at first uneasy that Xia Ying would be unable to act on the spot after just looking through the script like he just browsed it for a moment, but they were struck speechless as the filming began. They watch that little devil turn into an innocent naïve angel, at the moment the camera starts rolling.

His actions and his line were portrayed without mistake and had perfection most veterans will have a hard time doing. Even the Film Emperor, Lu Ziyun, got lots of NG1 from the scenes he shares with Xia Ying. It is very obvious that he is being overwhelmed as most of that time, he was being left in a daze during the shoot.

Seeing it for themselves they could only bow their heads toward the emperor for capturing such a freakish empress to work with him. Facts about Xia Ying being the owner of Wonderland were long known by everyone, just the fact that Wonderland is the top company under the technology genre.

It can be said that both Empire and Wonderland were bigshot companies that ruled even globally but the two owners of those billion-dollar corporations are now before them playing as a movie director and actor made them feel gratified that these two gods were willing to spend some time in the mortal world for them.

The movie progressed smoothly and on the last day of the shoot, everyone had gathered for a banquet sponsored by the emperor and the empress. The venue is a five-star hotel and restaurant booked by the emperor while they were escorted to the location by the latest unmanned Limousine to be their car for the whole night who will bring them anywhere they wanted to go to within the venue.

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