1 The Treason

"James, I'm sure you'll get that scholarship. Because among the other students, you are the smartest."

The bright red short-haired woman was greeting James with a bright smile on her face. In her hand was carrying the book she was holding on her chest. 

"I hope so too." James answered it with a pounding heart because he didn't know how it would turn out.

He had been trying for those three months to enter the ruins of the building and decipher all the things written on the ruins of the building, which was a forgotten kingdom.

The name of the kingdom is Dragonhart, a kingdom that existed a thousand years ago and suffered the destruction of being betrayed by the closest people. The king's name was Vincent Dragonhart. He was a powerful and famously wise man. It's just that Vincent did not highlight his strength, only highlighting the knowledge he had. 

At the end of his life, people who didn't like the way he led instead killed him.

A thousand years later, Dragonhart's kingdom was merely a sinking building, into something invisible, and forgetful, a college student who loved history, especially epigraphs translated by manuscripts he had discovered by accident in the cave while he was protecting himself from the storm. 

James accidentally found the ancient book and translated it, which made James find the ruins of Dragonhart. People think James will get a huge scholarship and support.

He has proven himself, making himself the brightest and even the brightest among professors, even though he is just an ordinary master's student who enters by relying on scholarships. 

The scholarship he will receive is of course different from the previous scholarship. This scholarship will help him develop his abilities. He will get a lot of relationships and that way he does not have to worry about his future.

The happy and proud James walked with light footsteps. The sunlight shining on him made him look more and more shiny. James is the smart boy. Today he will get amazing news that makes him happy! It's like jumping in a flower garden!

"What?! What did you say, Professor Teddy?! You can't say that, claim what's not yours and I get nothing!"

James was so angry, he didn't expect that the slightly bald-headed professor who looked so friendly to him wanted to take away all his achievements! Admit that it's his, and all the attention will be on Teddy, not him. 

Then, what he heard was also unreasonable and like trash!

James looked next to Teddy. There was a cynical-faced man of his age. James knew about the man. He met him several times when the two of them took part in discussions with students from other campuses. He is Lewis, a bigwig's son from this campus and his mother is the chairman of the board. 

It's a pity that all his hard work will be recognized as the hard work of the two bastards in front of him.

"I don't accept what you two are doing. At any time, you won't be able to acknowledge it as yours! Find yourself and translate yourself if you are able. You don't know yourself!"


James hit the table. He didn't want to take for granted the results of his work from not sleeping well for months owned by others. Of course, what James did made Teddy and Lewis unhappy. 

"I suggested money, and you shamelessly refused what I gave you. You should have realized that I was giving this for your good! You have to be self-aware, trash!" Lewis shouted and it made James spit on the floor. 


"You two are rubbish! Thief! I will make you two embarrassed!" James shouted, getting bigger and bigger. He walked out of Teddy's office, slamming the door. Many heard James' screams, and they pretended not to hear him.

What can they do? None. They are cowards, saving themselves is the best. 

As for James, he walked out of campus with flushed and glazed eyes. Damn this life! Indeed, life has always depended on the power he has, making James helpless because he has nothing but his brain ability. 

James had planned to make the two men suffer, repaying what he felt. They should be paid for their foul attitude. 


James rubbed his sleepy eyes. He woke up from his sleep and thirsted. 

Yawning, James walked into the kitchen to get a drink.

"This must be because I was so emotionally fitting to sleep just now...." James pressed his forehead. He felt a headache that made him uncomfortable in walking. His eyes were slightly pus because it had turned the light off before going to bed. 

"I have evidence, with social media I will make them ashamed." James gritted his teeth because he was so upset with what he felt. 

Swish! Swish! 

James's head immediately moved to the right and to the left to find out what noisy sound he heard. 

[Who? Another mouse?] 

James' forehead shriveled. He lived in a cheap apartment where the water was often off the road and sometimes there were rats. Made him have to throw away the mouse feces with an annoyed face.

[Rats are very similar to those two damn people.] James cursed in his heart. 

James picked up the baseball bat on his left side, then walked slowly with his eyes focused downwards. He didn't want the mouse to make any more mess in his house. 

James' eyes widened, and he saw the tail of the mouse hiding behind his dining table that was one by two meters in size. James raised his bat. 

"Die you damn mouse!" 


James immediately fell to the floor. He got a powerful blow in the back of his head that made him unable to move. His eyes flickered softly. He could see a pool of blood slowly getting more and more in front of him. 

In front of him, James looked at the face of someone who was slowly approaching him and he knew who it was. 

It was Lewis, the man he cursed repeatedly today. Made James' heart so upset, not only dared to take the fruits of his work but also dared to take his life. 

"You should have received the compensation we gave. But you're acting up instead, making announcements on social media about your work being taken by someone else." Lewis grinned. James saw another man who had just appeared next to Lewis. The man was big and carrying an iron bat.

He was the one who hit James from behind. 

"You bitch... You won't find what I'm hiding. It's useless for you to find it...." James smiled. Even if he died, he would carry all his notes that were explanations disappeared with him. 

Lewis lowered his head with his cynical face. "I can look for it, it's so easy because I'm rich, not like you!" 

After saying that, Lewis stood up and kicked James repeatedly in the abdomen. James felt tremendous pain, making his breath choke, making it difficult for his voice to come out and his tears came out by himself. 

The flowing blood looked very messy because of his twitching body in pain. With the rest of his strength, James held Lewis' leg, and it made Lewis even more angry. He gave James a very strong kick on the head, making James very dizzy and his eyes faint.

[Do I have to die from the gluttony of others...?]

[Why do so many people betray... And don't know yourself?]

[If I were still alive... I won't let the others betray me.... I make them pay and suffer.

James's tears fell. The look in his eyes was getting fainter and fainter.

[Vincent... It's so funny... I researched about you who died of betrayal and now I'm experiencing it...]

[Maybe this is my end....]

James felt very painful. Blood pushed in his esophagus, making James cough and spurt blood repeatedly from his mouth. 

[If only... I can live with power....]

James's eyes this time were completely closed. He didn't move because of the excruciating pain he had experienced.

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