I Level up by One per day Book

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I Level up by One per day


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Getting unimaginable power one day... Many would become ambitious, right? But what if someone who had already lived such an ambitious life and paid the price for it through betrayels, sorrows and his own death gets such power. Will he walk on the same path or will he go on a different one? Could he stop himself from getting consumed by such power, making him being devoid of emotion? But even if he did tried his best, could he succeed? Would an ordinary human be able to do it? To become righeous or to become evil. He could become either. Or will he become a hypocrite? Jutifying evil for the better of the world. No one knows yet. Everyone can only watch and see as time unfolds everything before their eyes. ------ In a world where people level up with the help of system and can obtain unimaginable strength, Nicholas failed to get such system. But he didn't worry too much about it and decided to live a normal life. A life away from the schemes, betrayels, sorrows. A normal life. One, in which he can die without any regrets. But one day he got the system, which he failed to get, but he also found a shocking thing that his level is increasing by one every day. Within four months he became a Level 100 Warrior, becoming the strongest adventurer in the kingdom and in the next two months he became a Level 100 Wizard. Nobody knows whether he will help to propser the world or...


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