3 3. Breakfast in bed


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Logan shook his head as he walked barefoot across the hall and headed for the kitchen.

"Married," he mumbled in a low voice with a smile flickering on his face, eyes glistening and still the surprise in saying those words.

He couldn't believe it, all he could think was that he had taken the big step but that gesture brought with it many other emotions.

Suddenly he stopped, hesitant he allowed himself to the memories to haunt him, he thought about his family, his marriage and everything fell on him like lightning. The certainty of him wavered, the fear that he might make her suffer gripped him, but just as those moments arrived they disappeared, giving way to everything they had built together.

"We are stronger," he admitted softly, trying to convince himself, the tone was vague and not entirely true, but it was enough for him to look around to understand that he was not his father, that he had risked losing her too many times to throw it all away and, whenever he would feel scared, terrified or, even have a single thought of not being better ... Well, he would have only had to look up, place them on his hand and see the wedding ring surrounding his finger.

It had been the best thing that had happened to him, he knew it well and he would make sure she never regretted it, he would love and respect her as she deserved, showing her that he was the man of her life and would not give nothing for granted.

He was too torn to realize that his phone rang, but when he did it multiple times, he woke up, ran to get it and read a series of messages from his he friend Dick. He smiled, that man had not matured at all, but he had to give him one thing, he had given him a wonderful idea.

He walked to their bedroom, the steps he slowly took made him jump, as much as his heartbeat seemed not to calm down, rather to accelerate even more.

He put a smile on his face, called himself stupid for having thought of all that negativity and trying not to do any damage, with his hands full he opened the door with his foot.

He stopped on the threshold to observe the figure sleeping blissfully on the bed, to that woman who was his wife, to how her short blond hair fell on the bed scattered on the pillow, to how her shirt covered most of her body leaving uncovered his beautiful legs and ... and how his smile caused him to go into cardiac arrest.

She was beautiful, she thought, and how she was, especially that morning, after their night of love and after they had finally exchanged vows. They had always belonged to each other, but now they had one more certainty.

Logan placed the tray on the nightstand next to the bed, sat down and leaned his body towards Veronica's, kissed his cheek gently, continuing to leave small kisses until his lips stopped on hers.

"Good morning," she stammered, opening her eyes and getting lost in her gaze, matching their mouths that were an inch apart.

She also returned Logan in a less clear way because she had pounced on him, had drawn him to her and started kissing him with a disarming certainty.

Veronica could feel Logan's excitement, she pulled her hands away from her face and let them slide to her hips as Logan began to kiss her neck to gradually descend on her breast. She wanted to make it to her again, yet a little bell rang in her head and she remembered her surprise.

He paused behind a cold glare from the blonde, a grunt that came from her lips that slowly gave way to a flicker in her eyes, the same in which Logan saw a smile appear as he placed a tray full of delicacies.

"Is this what it is for?" Veronica asked in amazement as she resigned herself to everything she contained, from pancakes, to fruit, to coffee that would never be missed and to a small ceramic vase with fake flowers.

Well, she hadn't had time to find a better alternative, it was the only thing she had found in her house, but she was amazed that overall she had a good effect.

Logan looked up at her, it had to be obvious, but her expression frowned when he remembered that, she wasn't used to that fuss, let alone having him there for several days.

"Because you are the most beautiful woman in the universe and ... because you are my wife" he said, accentuating that last name even more.

Veronica smiled, looked at him and did not know what to say, even if her expression embarrassed and in love with her was a clear signal, especially when she, together with hers, appeared that amused and happy one about her.

"Do you know that…."

"You'll be making fun of me for many days to come," Logan concluded in her place, when her lips flickered and she shook her head and laughed.

Oh, she knew it well, but he was Logan Echolls, he still didn't know what he expected.

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Veronica took a sip of the fresh orange juice he had prepared for her, put some grapes in her mouth, slipped her hands over the banana pieces that were in the center of the pancakes and when she bit into one, she recognized that sweet taste that loved.

"You know I could get used to it," she grinned as she continued to delve into the other pancakes, mixing them with fresh fruit and slapping her hand when she tried to take a piece.

"Well, I already have the right compromise," Logan winked, but he wasn't sure Veronica would agree, but the look he received intrigued him and he prepared to describe it.

"I'll take you every day, a breakfast like this, in bed, while you're still wrapped in a satisfied and contented air and you wear my shirt if ... if you allow me every night like yesterday" and, at those words she blushed, a rare and unique event for Mars, but when he let his eyes slide to Logan's face he knew he was serious that, even if amused, he was willing to do anything.

"Ah, but this is not entirely a compromise ... because whatever you are, you'll get more than I'll do," she replied, amused, ran her hands through her hair, ruffling and smiled when she saw her languid gaze.

Logan wasn't a saint, he knew it well and when she started unbuttoning her shirt with a disarming slowness as if she wanted to kill him or, when she licked her lips and looked up she was well aware that she wasn't going to end there.

"This is a game in which you, Mrs. Echolls will not win," she said, drawing her to him, making their bodies fit together, throwing herself on her lips which she began to chew and kiss.

Logan's hands began to move frantically, just like Veronica's who didn't stop squeezing him, drawing him even closer and those lips she was pressing and declaring that she wasn't going to win.

"Oh, we both know that's not the case. You Mr. Mars are a man of enormous talent, but we know how well a blonde knows how to go to her head and send her on tilt "she grinned taking matters into her own hands, letting Logan start kissing her with transport as her hands pulled him on their body and began to undress it.

The saying goes: a good morning starts in the morning and for newlyweds that was just the beginning.

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