2 2. We are Veronica and Logan


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It took them some time before they let go and admit that they loved each other and, once again, they got lost only to find each other again and hate each other and then love each other.

"Come back to me," Veronica said sadly and melancholy, kneeling on the bed and pulling Logan towards her, aware that that contact would fail in the days to come.

"Always hers," he replied with the assurance of her that distinguished him and, he smiled at her, put on his navy hat, leaned towards her and kissed him.

A promise that only they could have made and that they would have been able to overcome, after all, what were 180 days compared to their love story?


The days passed and each of them had embarked on their own routine, but both had the same thoughts turned towards the other.

They wanted to play hard, prove themselves strong, but neither of them would admit to missing the other and yet it was so.

Behind a look of happiness there was another one of sadness.

Veronica had just arrived home when she noticed that there was a huge envelope in the postman and she was the recipient. She began to unwrap it vigorously and was amazed at its contents and the sender from which those gifts came.

She got cross-legged on the bed, brought the letter to her nose, smelled it, smelling Logan's scent, and then hugged it to her chest.

She opened it gently, avoiding not to ruin it, and began to read it greedily.

"Hello v,

We are in the technological age and I, on the other hand, find myself writing a letter, funny, isn't it? I told myself I wanted to do something that would leave its mark, I know that Mac would be able to pull out emails from even the most archaic subject, but I wanted something that would remain over the years, over the centuries, and so I thought I'd write this letter.

I thought about the things I wanted to say to you, but as soon as I picked up a pen and paper, it felt as if I had been writing to you for a lifetime, every thought my mind combined here it was I could see the words and felt an urge to write them . And so ... well, now we're here.

Surely you will be taken to live your life in Neptune, you will make your father angry and worried for the same reason we do, you will fight us for your stubbornness and your desire to never give up. You will be that person who goes around the city with a camera in hand, his shoulder bag and investigates between mysteries and corruption so much that you end up being a thorn in the side, all qualities that made me fall in love with you "and had to stop to film breath and wipe the tears running down her rosy face.

She pushed her hair back, sniffed at her, and with shaking hands she picked up the letter again convinced she was ready, but she was just deluding herself.

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"Yes, because Mars you know I love you, right? And if you didn't understand now, I'll tell you again. I love you Veronica Mars "and she smiled hearing those words, she smiled with her eyes, lips and heart like she hadn't done in days.

"Surely if I ever reread these words, I would take the piss alone, even if I know you would get involved, I would feel bad, yet at this moment I am not ashamed, I cannot do it because you are important to me.

I thought for a long time what to tell you, how to do it and then I came to the conclusion that there was only one way to do it, to make our story epic: to relive it with you.

Yes, you got it right Mars, you will receive a letter every month, each of them will have a tearful declaration of love and several moments we spent together.

Get ready, this was just a warning letter.

Grit your teeth, fight for us, keep looking beautiful, show everyone how much the girl is worth and kick everyone's ass, we'll see you soon.

I love you.



And so those months passed quickly, with Logan writing his beautiful love letters and Veronica waiting for them with anxiety and happiness.

They still had so much to talk about and experience, but sometimes they both needed to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so they just needed to close their eyes and start remembering.

Veronica looked at the calendar, that month's letter should have already arrived, but it was useless for her to check every damn moment, there was nothing. She threw herself on the bed exhausted, closed her eyes and hoped that, as if by magic, that letter would arrive, but her fate had much more in reserve for her.

"I could stand here and tell you how I've spent the last few hours, tell you how much I've missed you, hold you close to me, but the only thing I want to do right now is just and uniquely a beautiful refreshing shower" said Logan proudly , determined and sure of herself in all her figure, in her white marine guard uniform watching her amused, while Veronica jumped - literally - from the bed and ran to embrace him.

They took time to kiss, cuddle and hug each other and when they stood looking at each other in the reflection of the other, they both try to memorize even the small detail.

Veronica stretched out her arms and as she intertwined her fingers in her hair she resumed kissing him, this time delicately and sweetly aware of having all the time in the world.

"You really are here," she mumbled between kisses, panting and happy.

"I promised you. I'll always come back to you, "Logan confessed, moving a lock of hair and putting it behind her ear, sliding her hand on her cheek, caressing it and squeezing it to his body.

She was leaving with her string of questions and curiosities but he interrupted her with other small but intense kisses. It was time for her.

"I told you that our story was EPIC, that wherever I went, I would always come back, and now, here, in front of you, on my knees I ask you: Veronica Mars, will you marry me?" silence fell in the room, the only audible sound was their breaths and hearts beating in sync, at least until a moved, happy and tearful voice was heard whispering YES.

Not all stories are meant to be told, but they were Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls, with an epic story that would be remembered for years to come.

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