1 1. An epic love


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★ Prompt / Trace: Veronica / Logan: "You put me through hell. But now you're here and I don't want to know any more." by Tania Desideri

They had made a promise, something that had ridden days of storm, rain, pain and distance.

A promise that they would renew and that they made for a second time, with the hope that no one would separate them anymore.

For Veronica and Logan it hadn't been easy, their story has suffered more than a shake, but both have always come out victorious.

"Are you sure?" he asked from the bathroom as she ran a moisturizer on her legs.

"I don't really care where and how, my attention is focused on when and with whom" said the blonde in a rather questionable way, but they had known each other for years to stop at such a cryptic statement.

"Veronica, I'm not asking you to come and move in or live with me"

"Yes, I understand Logan ..." she said smiling at her, raising her eyes to his and drawing him towards her.

"Taste to be clear ... Veronica Mars will you marry me?"

"Yes, you stupid head. And not to emphasize, but I already answered you "

"Um ... I know, but that sentence was pretty confusing," he teased, kissing her on the tip of her nose and making her curl.

"Sometimes I wonder if you are there or are you doing it" she agreed impatiently, but she knew that this behavior was due to her past, to those people who could not give him love and to everything that in the path called life she had lost.

«What I meant is that I would marry you tomorrow too, without preparing a majestic reception and with a few close friends even by the justice of the peace. I repeat ... I am more interested in when and with whom, two of the factors, which I have clarified "and, Logan did not even finish, he threw himself on her lips, let her take the situation in hand and rocked in being and feeling loved.


That marriage took place, with a few invites, in front of a justice of the peace with no frills and pomp, just them and their love. It had all been rushed, but if many things were missing, the promises were the ones that made everyone's eyes shine, words worthy of their epic love story.

Veronica the next morning she had already got up, she had put on her jogging suit and silently put on her sneakers, but she didn't notice that Logan was already awake.

He pulled her to him but she managed to escape him, pouted and protested like her children.

"Aren't you going to kiss me?" he asked innocently, who actually had nothing innocent about it.

"Go back to sleep because you know well that if I get close to you, I don't end up running even this morning," she said with a wink, reminding him of how all the other times had ended.

"You always did, regardless of the rush, the weather or when we would see each other again, you always did," he repeated with mock offense, but this time she didn't fall for it.

She tied her shoes, opened the door and walked away, reaching her car alone because two strong arms of her held her back.

Logan spun her around and pounced on her lips, happy to get what he deserved and then let her go. Veronica turned around ready to leave and so did he, but he had time to change the weight from one leg to the other when he heard a loud roar, a black smoke rising and moans coming not far from her.

Her snap was lightning-fast, she didn't even think twice despite the slight pain she felt on her she immediately ran towards the figure who was on the ground.

"Logan. Logan, "she screamed in terror, seeing how her husband's body was covered with pieces belonging to her house, as if he had shielded her.

She slowly and paying attention not only not to move it but not even to hurt him, she observed every detail, while she took the phone with one hand and called the ambulance.

She watched him scared and of that man who had always made her happy there was not much left, only a helpless body lying on the ground.

"I'm here Logan. Please don't leave me her, "she repeated several times in a whisper, stroking her face.

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Her only concern at the moment was him, but as soon as she started thinking again someone would pay.


Several weeks had passed and there was no definite news, no confirmation that Logan was improving, only stable signs, a word that Veronica learned to hate.

She no longer had a fixed abode, she was divided between the hospital and the office of her father her, that manhunt of her was destroying her like seeing her husband of her, in the hospital with all those tubes attached to him .

She hadn't stopped fighting, but the glint in her eyes had gone out at the same instant the doctor told him that her husband, Logan Echolls, would be put into a medically induced coma.

"Veronica, stop and sleep here" suggested her father, who stroked her tired face, with marked looks under his eyes and the signs of aging that seemed to pass all of a sudden.

"I have to go to the hospital," she replied, but he already knew that answer, as well as that conversation they had been repeating for days.

She greeted her father with a kiss on the cheek, put on her jacket, took her bag, collected all the necessary papers and went to the place where she would spend the night.

As soon as the doctor saw her he briefed her, there was no news, even though they had started to taper off the drugs, so as soon as she entered, she kissed her husband on the lips, sat on the chair and closed her eyes.

She didn't even realize she had fallen asleep, they brought her back to the reality of the noises coming from the ward. She nor she would have done without, that memory came back every night, she had become like a demon that never stopped haunting him, but it was also the only way to feel alive again.

"I know you can hear me, please, please come back to me," she whispered to him on the edge of her lips, put a hand through her hair, ruffling it and then ran it over her face.

"When we got married, you promised me that nothing and no one would be able to separate us, that our story had overcome all barriers and never came out stronger than ever, with only one awareness: our EPIC love. Please ... please wake up and show me that it is, "she continued with her eyes full of tears, resting her head on her heart and her hand on her chest.

She stayed like that for seconds that felt like hours, no movement, not even an imperceptible one when she then heard a small sound coming from the machinery beside her.

She jerked her head up and her mouth dropped open, her eyes widened and took a step back to stand with her legs not even holding her.

"I told you ..." Logan mumbled very weakly and in a shrill voice.

"I will always come back to you," he finished the sentence tired but satisfied, with eyes bright and alive, the same ones that were reflected in those of his wife who took color and began to live again.

She wanted to call the doctors, the nurses and the whole world, but this time she preferred to live that moment for herself.

"She put me through hell," Veronica admitted with her eyes still full of tears and a slightly accentuated smile on her lips.

"But now you're here and I don't want to know anything else," she continued, squeezing her hand, kissing him gently and promising that she would never doubt their love.

And it was precisely in this way that the medical team found them, each in the arms of the other to promise each other love every day of their life, taking nothing for granted. Veronica and Logan were having an EPIC love after all.

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