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I Killed Myself but Woke Up in Another World


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What is I Killed Myself but Woke Up in Another World

Read I Killed Myself but Woke Up in Another World novel written by the author DPressPotato on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering romance, reincarnation, system, cultivation, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Cultivation and Game system progressive fantasy with character development as focus. *** Living in a pointless world where everything he did only put him at the bottom of the chain. He was lethargic, devoid of motivation, living in deterioration, and a living failure with superficial achievements. Left behind by the people whom admired him in the past. Until he killed himself and woke up in another world. Could he find the will to live by living in a world he hoped that existed? * I ran from reality. I ignored their warnings. Did I leave them for my own salvation? I hanged myself to death. I was beyond ecstatic when I woke up in another world. Hoping this is my time: To become the center of the world. Unique and powerful. But then, even fantasy was disappointing. I banged my head on the ground. Pleaded the gods to give me something. "Please, let me have the will to live!" I wailed and cried. But no one replied. No one offered a hand. So I offered mine instead. ***************** One, I didn't create a likeable MC. Two, I'm still grasping in the darkness. Three, I hope you give feedback so I can improve my novel. Four, the novel is planned to be at 500+ chaps. Five, I have a rough outline already of the story and I'm working with my pacing. So, it might get a little rough and a bit forced at some point, but I'm working on that. Six, if the pacing suddenly uncomfortably slowed down, tell me. Arc 1 is Adaptation Mini arc adaptation zone Mini arc mountain Arc 2 is Discovering the World (Still working on the miniarcs, but the map is already completed. The Leveling System and Cultivation system is being extensively worked out.) Arc 3 ?


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