I Just Want to Play With Dragons! Book

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I Just Want to Play With Dragons!


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Note: This book has been moved to WattPad. --- Freya Dagny, a senior backend developer working a 996 schedule at a large corporation, suddenly drops dead at her desk due to over-exhaustion. Her coworkers, deeply saddened by her death but without the time to care, still found time to adorn her desk with figurines of dragons and other fantasy figures. Why? They knew she'd always been fond of dragons. "Hey, Freya, want to go out for dinner tonight?" "Nope, I'm trying to find ways to fix this Java code on Eclipse and also hopefully summon a dragon while I'm at it." "Hey, Freya, the boss needs to see you tomorrow." "No can do, that's a Sunday and you know I play D&D on Sunday. Oh, want to join? I have this exciting new campaign planned where a backend developer summons a dragon while programming and goes on a bunch of crazy adventures and..." Perhaps sensing her adoration for the species and perhaps also taking pity on her, God allowed Freya's soul to reincarnate in a world of magic and dragons with all the knowledge from her past life. Follow her pay-to-win adventures of revolutionizing the world around her while she says, "I just want to play with dragons!!!" --- I update my books randomly when I have the chance so don't expect a concrete release schedule.