41 Weapon Art

"Hey, could you get out from my 'friend's' place?" asked Angus.

"Huh?! Just who do you think you are?" said of the bully student.

They found that Angus is rather familiar. Still they could not remember him yet.

"I am just a guy who wants to eat with his friend." said Angus calmly.

Hearing this, "Hahaha… very funny." the others also laughing and mock Angus

Looking at the group bully mocked him, "I think you should leave before it's too late." said Angus expressionlessly.

"And what if I don't want to? What are you gonna do? Cry to your mom?! Hahaha..." Mocked one of the bullies.

At this moment, Henry appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the bully's head. "You truly have the nerve to mock young master Victory, huh?!"

Feeling the mana pressure that Henry releases the others immediately look at their location. Hearing about Victory's name, more students come to take a look.

Noticing that the situation became more troublesome, "Oi.. Henry." said Angus expressionlessly.

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