33 Roundel City

"Oh.. Then, I will pardon myself." as King Leon takes one of the blue drinks.

Following his king's decision, the two followers also pick the drinks by themselves. The moment, they drink the blue colored liquid, they immediately feel energized and have a more clear mind.

All the disoriented and uncomfortable feeling is gone. The marquis himself couldn't even hold his manner and empty the glass right away.

"Weeww… What a refreshing drink you got here." remark the king while ignoring his subordinate behaviour.

"It's a pleasure that it's come to your liking, King Leon. Do you need to rest here for a while, go towards your lodging, or perhaps visit the Roundel city around?" said the elf leader

"Well, we still have a few days before the meeting. Let's look around first." replied the king.

Before they get away from the place, suddenly the teleportation device releases a humming sound. *ZING* *BZZTZZ*

From the teleportation device there are people with different features. The one on the right has a thin size man and black color skin with animal features but has a pale expression and slump on the ground.

While the one on the left is a female with many red spots on her body. She looks at the scenery with great interest.

The one in the middle is a huge man with mane fur around his neck and features similar to a lion. His huge build even dwarfs the others like a child to adult. He is the warchief of Beastkin tribe, Chief Might Napollo.

Looking at the arrival of the new group, "Hoo… What a coincidence we meet here, Leon?" as the warchief walks away from the teleportation device.

He approaches slowly towards the King Leon group while his female subordinate helps his friend to walk away from the platform.

Looking at the approaching group, "Long time no see, Napollo."

As both of them release their aura and make the situation become more tense. During this time, one of the Napollo subordinate suddenly release a puke sound as he couldn't hold it anymore. *BLEURGHH* *BLLERRURGH*

"Well, it seems you need to tend your followers first, Napollo." said King Leon.

"Tch.. what a weakling." as the warchief rebuked his own follower.

Then, he continued. "Just like you… Leon." while giving a provocative smile.

"Hoo… Really??" replied King Leon as he released his mana a little bit.

The Warchief also releases his mana and makes a little crack on the surrounding ground. During this time, the Marquis Leroy feels a little bit suffocated while the Duke Victory ready his hand to battle.

After a few moments of staring between two 7th grade beings, both of them disappear and clash each other using their fist.

However, at this moment an elf figure arrives in the middle of them and holds both of their hands easily while releasing a shockwave towards nearby. *CLASH* *BOOM*

The shockwave is so great that disperse all the mist in the air and also make all the small creatures run away.

"Gentlemen please, you are right now in the Roundel city. Mind your behaviour, please." said Sylva calmly.

"Hoo.. as expected from the Roundel city to even hold the 7th grade people easily." remarked the warchief.

"Nah, If both of you didn't hold back your power in the last second, I probably would have broken my arms." replied Sylva while loosening both of the leaders hand.

"Well, then we will go first." as the king Leon walked away not wanting to interact with the warchief any further. He is immediately followed by the duke and marquis while Sylva guides them.

Feeling ignored by king Leon, he wants to stop them but suddenly another elf arrives in front of him. "Warchief Napollo welcome to Roundel City, sorry for my lateness. My name is Bisda Greenfield. I will be your guide during your stay at Roundel City."

Seeing this, "Tch… Then Lead the way. Noel brings that imbecile piece of shit." As the warchief ordering his followers.

After the clash with the warchief, The king Leon himself didn't have the mood to look around and choose to go towards their lodging.

Beside it is not the first time, King Leon himself has come to Roundel City. Every single being that reaches grade 7 definitely has visited the Roundel city before.

Although they don't want to look and tour the surrounding, they still see a little bit of the residence at the roundel city.

Rather than a city, it is more like a peaceful village where every single building is made of huge trees. The place itself is not crowded since there are only a few residents in this city.

Despite the few number of its residents, none of the group that came here has a thought to cause trouble in this city. It's because most of the residents have strength of at least 5th grade and above.

While King Leon himself could perceive that there are a dozen 6th grade people residing in this city. This is also the reason why Roundel city is called as the safest and peaceful place on Firuman.

The amount of high level grades that reside in this city is enormous that could easily overpower all the major forces in civilian society.

Arriving at their lodging which is a huge tree with a huge hole in it, Sylvan as the guide enters the hole without any hesitation while King Leon follows him without any further thought.

Entering the hole, the group found themself inside a huge space of simple but cozy rooms. They could see many luxurious furniture here and there with simple shapes but the group knew that it has high value.

The room has few rooms for the subordinate and a master room for the King himself. Despite the humbleness style that decorate the room, none of them feel the need to complain about it.

Because the value of this whole place may or could be the same with the Grand palace at the Heart Kingdom capital city. This is because they could see uncountable enchantment around the building and furniture.

It could be said that a single table in this place is more sturdy than full metal armor of the royal guard in the grand palace of Heart Kingdom.

Beside that, the concentration of mana in the air was also thick that could rejuvenate all of them just by breathing or being in there.

"Hmm… Not a bad place." said King Leon

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