1 Meeting Myself

Daniel wakes up in a dark room and looks but cant see the walls or anything really.

Daniel: What the fuck where am I?

Being D: Well hello there good to see you awake.

Daniel: Oh! Its one of these situations! So what are you a ROB? Did I win the multiversal lottery? I don't remeber dying so it probaly isn't something related to that.

Being D: Glad to see you are taking this well. But, of couse you because you are me. Yup. It's one of those.

Daniel: Oh, ok cool. So what type of template am I going into this with.

Being D: Well you see when I was your age I got pulled into a jumpchain by a relativley good yet annoying Jumpchan. So, I want to do the same but to you.

Daniel: Ah ok jumpchain I can totally get behind that. But.. the rules can we maybe, I don't know, tweak them a little?

Being D: Well yes of course. And before you say anything I have created what I think will be a great jumpchain for you to be on.

Daniel: Oh! Really and the rules for that is?

Being D: Well here just read this list.

Hands off list to Daniel.

1. You will be born again in the first world of you choice but stay there for 25 years than stop aging

2. You will chose a world to travel to for 10 years after that.

3. Talks of what power you recieve will be done at the time of next world chosing.

4. You will not get anything special or overpowered. Instead your strength will come from forknowledge and your powers building off one another.

5. You may only have 1 romance partner per world and must truly love them and have them love you for them to journey with you.

6. Any woman that join you will be incapable of being traped or raped.

7. You will recieve the common warehouse that grows to suit your basic needs in a house with infinite space for anything else you wish to build or store.

8. There is no end or spark that you will recieve those simply grant false planewalker abilitys, instead you will naturally become a plansewalker eventually with an acummulation of your powers.

Daniel: Wow! That seems great just as I would have made it. Thanks a lot.

Being D: No problem. So where would you like to start off?

Daniel: Well, I think I best start off in boku no hero acadamia. I think first I should go to worlds where I can get simple ablities that I can largely focus on training during my time there.

Being D: Sounds good. You will wake up on the porch of the orphanage when you arrive. With a random yet not overpowered quirk. Good luck!

Daniel: Alrighty then, thanks for everything. See you later!

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