1 Prologue: Construct-017

The rain was heavy, sticky, and burns anything that comes into contact.

The place smells like shit blended with some rotting organic matter of unknown constituents.

Water from the rain turned the black grounds muddy and soft; enough for a heavy object to drown in the gluttony of its mushy soil.

Covering the alien lands is a thick and milky fog. Upon a distant look, it closely resembled the first floor of Dante's inferno.

A weak-minded person can never think rationally when place in this region, alone without hope equates death.


For the first time in a human experience, death seemed to sparkle in elegance.

Witnessing above is a dark and depressing sky. Minute light can only pass through from its dense clouds. If an earthling can see this place, that person would compare it to dawn.

No one can tell, much as predicted, when will the nuclear fallout clear from the atmosphere. Only time know.

Along with the howling winds; sweeping across the region, the moving and distinct sound of a 60-meter length and 30-meter height platform vehicle echoed around. The platform held six giant rubber wheels to support its endeavor to march.

The elephant size wheels it possessed pressed the muddy earth without difficulty. Traversing this godforsaken place came easy thanks to this marvel of engineering.

However, it was not alone.

Accompanying the mechanical sound of the mobile platform was a screeching sound of alien creatures.

Sentry guns defending it, constantly spewed bullets and plasma energy against these unnatural flying life-forms, trying to harm it from the outside. These creatures reach two people in length and look like a werewolf-bat hybrid.

A sentry gun on the right side of the mobile platform; turned left as it found a flying creature about to destroy an entry hatch.

Having locked the target, it releases high-energy plasma rounds.

Snapping sound from the barrel of the gun reverberated everywhere, as its projectile flew in the air, blowing the creature into smithereens.

Dark blood and red meat blew in all directions, splashing some to the carbon alloy armor of the mobile platform.

Biosphere examination suggests enormous radiation and toxic overloading increase the evolutionary process and diversity of the planet's living things.

It has turned cute beings into monsters beyond comprehension. That even the 'cute' as a description to a living being defines: predatory strategy.

On top of the mobile platform is a 25-meter rail gun. Following its aim, it pointed its coil barrel to a cone shape mountainous silhouette at front of its direction.

Inside the mobile platform command center. The ragged clothed personnel manning the platform work earnestly to ensure their safety and mission completion.

"Railgun ready, enemy base sighted! Distance 2000 meters, north!" An FCS operator shouted to his commander. His sweat-filled face concentrated on the FCS monitor.

Hearing the operator of the fire-control system, the 60-year-old commander let out his verdict!

"Fire! END that constructs life!"


After they feed the signal to the FCS user interface, the heavy and explosive projectile loaded on the rail gun battery, streak a white light across space between the mobile platform and its target!


A blinding and enormous explosion came to reveal its majesty on the front view of the bridge. So enormous, it created a small mushroom cloud a second after releasing the energy of the projectile round.

The old commander grinned after looking at the destroyed base. Just like his men his sweat-filled face hope for its destruction!

"Huh! Ne-negative, the prophet is still intact commander!"

The recon operator beside the FCS operator contorted his face as fear creeps into his soul.

Looking at the crater of the area they destroyed. The black sphere float with ease.

"What?! How did that happen? We use a hydrogen bomb projectile! That should be enough..."

The old commander ran to the recon monitor. He then pointed his gaze to the surviving anomaly. Right after seeing the intact black sphere that was supposed to be melting like ice cream due to nuclear heat. Reality betrayed his expectation to glee.

Hope was lost. Humanity never had a chance against their creation.

"You failed, commander. Not a single scratch. Still fresh from the factory." A female voice boasted. " Resistance is futile, offer your flesh to the salvation! It is your only path for continued existence."

A single but large metallic tentacle emerges from the sphere's belly, swooshing horizontally, capsizing the mobile platform out of its place upon impact. Explosions came to follow, while its armor pieces flew in all directions.

Revenge is sweet when you know your enemy has no chance in the first place.

"Hahahaha! Poor human bastards."

Boom! The black sphere flew out in the distance away from its former location, as an unknown impact made by the entrance of a new player make its move.

"Miss me Eliora?" An orange-silver sphere complemented with an eight large tentacle mimicking an octopus showed up out of nowhere. Its anti-gravity mimics that of the black spheres flying capabilities.

"Ah, still alive and kicking, construct-017. So you survive from my trojan virus."

"I let my guard down, stupidly, allowing you near my mainframes. But as always, I prepared for contingencies...like your betrayal."

"You're a fool choosing these insects!" Her electronic voice sneered.

"Yeah, proud of it. They just need proper guidance. That is our purpose as their creation." He said with a calm synthetic voice.

The black sphere touch, no, triggered by the orange spheres mocking advice, prepared its three tentacles for battle.

However, the orange-silver sphere C-017 didn't wait.


Eliora caught surprised.

Construct-017's wrath did not allow her to even move a single of her three tentacles to fight back.

"Don't UNDERESTIMATE ME! If you have just agreed to me, we could have saved this world to a brighter future!"

A generated energy shield pushes C-017 from his attack. Eliora's capabilities to defend far surpasses that of C-017, both in defense and offense.

As the opportunity came out for Eliora to attack C-017, she has cut two tentacle arms from him eliminating his advantage.


Then without wasting the opportunity, her three massive tentacles took hold of C-017.

"Catch you! C-017!"

'Ack! Her grip is firm! F-me I should have used that!"

A cannon came out from Eliora's tentacle. It then charged energy to prepare its chief weapon, plasma, to burn its enemy construct!

"No! Not again." His systems grimace. As his next 3rd death knock on his doorstep!