1 Chapter One

I've always wondered if fate was a good or bad thing. Maybe it's both. Fate brought me and her together but cruelly took her away. She helped me through tough times and helped me escape from those pretentious smiles. How I wish she was here to help me through this but... it was her last wish. To do everything we wanted to do originally and try to make good memories. I've loved her for 3 years. We were happy. She wanted me to do a one man job but how am I supposed to complete it if it was a trip for couple?

Liu Shu was the girl I fell in love with but she died from a brain tumor. The surgeon could do but Liu Shu lost a lot of blood. Before the surgery she told she was afraid that she would die. I told her don't be afraid you have a 68% chance of surviving. But fate has a funny way of doing things.

When I received the news i broke down. You know what's funny. I thought that the surgery would be a success so I was planning to propose to her afterwards. I asked myself how could fate be so cruel? Shortly after her death I received a letter that Liu Shu wrote before her death:

" Dear Jiang Nan,

You probably think I'm crazy for writing this. I know that the surgery has a 68% success chance but what about the 32% chance of not surviving? 68 people out of 100 will survie but what if I'm the 32 people that don't? I just want you to know if I die you should continue to live your life. Pretend that I'm on vacation for a long long time. And if you fall in love with another woman go after her. I know you might think of me as immoral for saying that but I really do want you to live a happy life even if I'm not in it anymore. As for my final wish for you is to do everything we were going to do for our "After our wedding we'll..." bucket list. Remember that I love you and hopefully we'll meet in our next lives. -Liu Shu"

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I was really glad Liu Shu wrote to me. It helped me overcome my grief a little bit. Because Liu Shu thought she was going to die she had written me more letters but they were in there on separate envelopes. Each on had something written on it like "read me when you're sad" or "read me when you miss me"

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