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I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Fu Xiaochen

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Cliché Title should be "I have the memories of an Alchemy Emperor in my head" The reason being, he doesn't have the guy in his head, only his memories. I was hoping for some funny interactions that make him look schizophrenic. Anyways Fatty Bestfriend - Check Little Sister - Check Little Sister is really talented but has some disease thing - Check MC is trash - Check MC is poor - Check MC gets cheat - Check The cliché's all align just as foretold by the last 100 novels I've read. The only difference being that the novel takes place on earth, after some sword power killed most of the population, with the majority of the survivors being Chinese, shock. MC touched a painting and gained and old mans memories. MC was trash (or average) and is suddenly becoming stronger kind of fast. He immediately shows off in his next class by talking about thing that nobody in the world has seen before, and is currently in research like some professional, of course this all comes from his memories. New thing is that there's tech, referring Qi and shit to bioenergy. Wondering where this will lead too. So far I've seen most of this crap before, most of the other reviews here are just emoji spam or irrelevant guessing. MC Shows off stupidly - Check


The major flaw of this novel is the MC. It is almost like there are two different people living inside him. The Master and the Child. The Master is calm and composed, remembers the life and experience of the alchemy emperor and is generally well adjusted. The Child appears every time the author needs to show just how awesome the MC or his Chinese heritage is. I really don't get why glorifying yourself and your country is such a big deal. The child is also a attention seeker. But, a split personality is not really a no go for a novel. The trouble starts when the Child does stupid things that only serve to delay the progress of the story as well as causing troubles for the Master to solve. In one moment the MC is composed and knows when to act, but in the next he seeks trouble everywhere. But don't take my word for it. Let me give you an example. MC needs to take a basic alchemy exam to be able to rent a furnace. It is a 24h available online only exam. What the MC needs to do is get it done. What he does is take the maximum number of available exams in one go. There is literally no benefit, as far as we and the MC at that point in time know, to taking more exams. But the child seeks attention. At school the avarage grade MC shows of knowledge about seals he should not know, but because of his lucky chance he is now a native speaker of the otherworldly language. As a result he gains scrutiny by his teacher and classmates, a rival who will continue to antagonize him and a possible one sided love interest. There is no benefit to standing out, no grades no additional resources. He literally does it to show off and embrace the class monitor (antagonist). The MC lack of common sense, the stupid attention seeking and his desperate pleas for other to notice his unusual increases in strength do not fit his background as a hard working poor student who is used to being disadvantaged. Anyone who has been overlooked and disadvantaged by the extended family and the public at large will gain at least a little bit of maturity and a sense of caution. Not to mention his father shows how to keep quiet while working towards a better future. Even the younger sister shows a very mature attitude. An attention seeker would have never had a good relationship with a disabled sibling who by default would have needed much more care and attention. All of this before the MC gained centuries of experience and knowledge. The idea and framework of the novel are wasted by the author because he desperately tries to increase word count by creating useless conflicts while regularly destroying his own characterization of the MC.


修炼狂潮 no need to worship me 😂 k .


another garbage novel with "Chinese racism" where the author wishes that all races of other nations would die to benefit Chinese people and another useless MC "who is busy collecting the meat pies falling from the sky". no creativity, no proper world build (except for saying that almost all other nations people are dead and that Chinese are great and supreme). Bunch of bull crap is what this is.


The title caught my interest but I'm left disappointed. Thought that the emperor was living within his soul kinda like an old grandpa guiding him through it. Although It isnt bad with all the rage of pets, system check-ins, getting an angel/fallen from a system in an apocalypse. Getting alchemy mc's are nice as well but have a go and see what you think. 😁😁


the story is actually fine, read other reviews for that. This is a review on webnovel. WHY THE FRICK WOULD YALL CHOOSE A BOOK WITH a GRAND TOTAL of 1 VOTES!!! WTHECK WEBNOVEL!


how weird. how come book with the lowest vote suddenly jump out of queque to become reader choices? while good book with more votes suddenly missing from voting poll


Why did webnovel choose the one that has 1 vote is beyond me. Just why there is over a 1000 votes to the other novels why is this one here. Like did you guys got bribe or something


It’s average, generic, face-slapping, OP, cultivator alchemy mc... If you like this book’s author other books, then u will like this one. But if you only like gold-tier novels, then I wouldn’t recommend this to you.


So anyone wanna tell me how this and the other novel were picked for translation when they weren't even votable options?..................................


Super bad stuff! Full of racism and prejudice against other people not chinese.


The hook is the MC is an alchemy emperor. So when he gets that cheat, I'm fine with it. BUT THE FIRST THING THAT HAPPENS WITH HIS CHEAT? "Hey look the strongest martial artist manual ever, I'm going to be like that guy now!" So if anybody was expect somebody uses alchemy to ok overcome issues basic wuxia MCs would use brute strength with, this is not for you. And if you looking for an interesting book with a new take or interesting presentation this is not for you.


Pretty much immediately after the novel starts it goes off on racism against anyone not Chinese and the author legit has an event that wipes out pretty much everyone other then china


it's something different. I just felt like I was reading an MTL novel. 60 percent racism, 20 percent misunderstood concepts, 20 percent real novel .


An above average novel. Has similarities to Fantasy Simulator and World's Best Martial Artist. If you enjoyed those two you might like this. Not too many negative things to say. This story doesn't spice up the cultivation genre or correct many of the cliches and errors that plague it. Chu Yunfan has a chubby best friend, obtains crazy OP inheritance, etc. I could go on but you get the point. Still, you should give this story a chance. Despite the cliches this novel flows well. No crazy nationalism or rape that I read yet so that's a bonus.


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


Petition to bring back "I Can See the Lines of Fortune"! A wonderful story to try, especially now that pocket hunting dimension is over. An all around interesting read! Please resume the translation of it! (Trying this as it worked for World of Deities)


The story is quite interesting, and i was quite amazed how long every chapter was. But upon continuous reading, the explanation just goes on and on, it's like 40% main story and 60% explanation on how things work, what that thing is, etc. This made me skip a couple of paragraphs, but still get the gist of the story. So author-nim, please omit the long-winded explanation, and unnecessary inclusions.


I'm rather syrprised considering that Martial God Space was left unfinished both in the raws and the translated version. After, I read this novel, I will change the stars for the review if necessary. I just hope that this novel isn't dropped.