1 New Life

Here I am laying in my bed waiting for death to creep in. "Hahahaha" Who could've imagined that the I the one who suppressed all those who went against me, was lying on his bed bleeding to death. If my father finds out about this. Hah. He'll probably kill anyone who was involved in this.

After-all my father is the one and only Lucifer. Haaaaaaaa. Curse all those people who did this to me. I wasn't scared of death, I just didn't expect it to come so quickly. If I survive, I will search hell and up to find the person that did this. Well, here I go. My eyes slowly close as my body dies. This is gonna be a fun ride...


[System has failed to get to new host]

[Searching for the closest host possible...]

[Host found]

[Moving host into a body]

Whats happening?

[Arriving at destination]

What ?!

I slowly open my eyes to a bright light

"Ahh shit that's bright"

Hmmmm... Didn't I die

My whole body feels numb




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What in the world is happening


Am I hallucinating or is there really a screen flying above me

[Hosts Window Loading...]

Yeah I'm probably hallucinating

[Status Window]


[Host: Jack ???]- Age: 16 years-old

Cultivation Rank: Bronze-Lowest Rank

Race: Human/Primordial Demon

Class: [Not Chosen]

Bloodline:Primordial [First Demon]/Archangel [Primordial]

Mana: 10

Qi: 30

STR: 50

MGK: 30

DEF: 14

AGI: 17

STM: 7

INT: 5 (Currently)

KAM: 1


None Yet

Body Type: [Primordial Demon]/ Archangel [Primordial]

Soul: DemiGod


Species: Human

Wait what?!


I'm a demon, I'm no damn human!

Anyway where am I?

[Current Location:Earth]


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