I Have no Idea Why I'm Here but There’s Cute Girls Book

novel - Fantasy

I Have no Idea Why I'm Here but There’s Cute Girls


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What would your average horny teen do if he was summoned to a fantasy world filled with all kinds of exotic girls? Well you’re about to find out, we start out with the story of the young James Arthur, a recently dumped high school boy with a hero complex trumping all others as well as a raging boner for monster girls. After he’s unfortunately dumped by his girlfriend although it's barely unfortunate she was kind of a bitch after all James takes a lonely stroll down the streets of Manhattan when he’s faced with an untimely demise to a speeding taxi perhaps befitting to a dumbass that doesn’t look both ways when crossing the road, but did he really die? No no not in this story he’s your horny protagonist after all; after his supposed death he ends up in a void where he meets our incredibly overpowered god Deus Ex Machina who simply transports his soul to a new fantasy world for their enjoyment. This passing of events now leads us here to the beginning of our “hero’s” faithful journey through this new land.


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