8 80% Luck

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After thinking it through, Li Mufeng quickly held back the tears that almost came out. While he was feeling guilty about his mother and sister borrowing money everywhere for him to buy a house, he felt a little bit relaxed!

When Liu Xiufang requested for a house in Yang City and fifty thousand yuan of dowry, Li Mufeng didn't know what to do.

Houses in Yang City were expensive. Li Mufeng, who earned three thousand yuan a month, would have to stop eating and drinking for a decade to pay for the down payment for a 90-square-meter commercial house.

As for the fifty thousand yuan of dowry, it was quite easy instead. Although Li Mufeng sent his salary back home every month for his sister and two brothers to study and for his mother to buy medicine, he had saved some money.

But he and his family really didn't have the money to buy a house!

A house cost seven to eight hundred thousand yuan. When Li Mufeng told his family he was getting married to Liu Xiufang and Liu Xiufang was pregnant with his child, and after Li Mufeng promised to buy a house for Liu Xiufang, everyone in the family was out of breath because of the large amount of money. A few days ago, Li Mufeng's two brothers, who were in eighth grade, said that they wanted to drop out when they were on a phone call.

Li Mufeng hated himself at that time and he thought he was truly incapable.

He couldn't give his girlfriend a house she wanted and even made his brothers want to drop out of school… In order not to disappoint both parties, Li Mufeng could only work as hard as he could. Usually, he went to the night market to make fried noodles for three hours every day. And now, he worked there for eight hours after getting off from his master's restaurant so he could make more money. He couldn't even sleep for five hours when he returned to the flat every day.

Li Mufeng exerted himself to make money, but it turned out that his girlfriend, whom he could die for, slept with another man and the baby wasn't his as well… As he thought about it, he smiled again with endless bitterness. He was laughing at how dumb he was!

"Brother, should I just stay here with you?"

Li Muyao was a bit shocked by the rational Li Mufeng. Yes, her brother was nice to her in her impression, but he was also irresolute, hesitant, and had quite a strong Saint's heart. Now that he suddenly put up a crying and laughing face and acted like he was rational, Li Muyao really doubted for a second if this was the brother she remembered.

"No. With that kind of temper, Liu Xiufang will definitely vent her anger on you if she sees you here. Mooncake, listen to me. Go back first.

"I promise I'll go to find you once I deal with everything. I'll not let you worry about me."

Li Mufeng also knew his sister's thoughts.

He knew his sister had never liked Liu Xiufang as her future sister-in-law. She even reminded him a few times and asked him to be careful. Now that karma had arrived before him, Li Mufeng really couldn't lie to himself. It was time to let go!

He couldn't let his sister worry about him.

He could never let his sick mother and young sister worry about him, the future head of the family. That would be too unfilial.

"Good girl, listen to me!"


"No buts. Listen to me. Your friend is still waiting. Even if you're not tired, he is!"

"You really don't need me to stay?"

"Absolutely no. I'm an adult!"


Li Muyao put away the money and repeatedly confirmed that her brother didn't need her to stay here with him. After that, she took the cab back to the dorm with Color Hair.

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When they arrived at the dorm, Li Muyao returned the one thousand yuan to Color Hair and got back the IOU.

She entered her room, turned on the light, and looked at this unfamiliar and also familiar eight-person dorm in front of her. She found the empty upper bed on the metal bunk bed in the corner and returned to the door to switch off the light gently and climbed onto her bed.

She didn't even want to shower.

After lying on her metal bed, Li Muyao suddenly smiled.

She had a house with three rooms and two living rooms at thirty-two, but she was the only one in such a huge home. Throughout the few years she lived there, she had only turned on the stove a few times. Li Muyao ordered delivery or dined in the cafeteria most of the time.

It wasn't that Li Muyao was lazy or didn't know how to cook, but she had gotten used to dining alone, eating hotpot alone, traveling alone… Apart from work, Li Muyao was alone all the time, so she wasn't quite comfortable with being alone when she was at home. However, even though she didn't like to be alone at home, she didn't go out as well and still stayed in the house when she had nothing to do.

If she really didn't want to stay at home and wanted to cook, Li Muyao would go to places with many people, like piano classes, foreign language classes, baking classes, yoga classes, and the gym.

And the one who caused Li Muyao to stay far from her family with a hint of hatred in her heart was Liu Xiufang!

The first day after being reborn, Li Muyao had already dealt with everything that happened in her last life.

This felt especially amazing!

She felt even happier than getting an order of a million yuan!

Li Muyao chuckled and immediately covered her mouth, thinking that she was truly lucky!

Being able to be reborn, become younger, and get so many skills from her last life, Li Muyao still felt that she was very rich, even though she had only five hundred yuan of savings left right now.

She was only nineteen!!!

She didn't become distant from her brother and mother and didn't meet the scumbag, but had all kinds of high-level skills in beauty and medical beauty treatments, which she was proud of in her previous life, and regained her desire for her dream.

Apart from not being able to get married, the biggest regret Li Muyao had in her last life was that she couldn't establish a beauty salon that completely belonged to her!

Li Muyao had already got the money, time, skills, and connections at that time, but she didn't have the energy and had lost the desire and impulse for opening her shop. The thirty-two-year-old Li Muyao had a Buddha-like mindset. If the scumbag didn't go to disturb her from time to time, she would never have gone on a blind date and met a great guy who was willing to marry her!


Thinking about the guy she met during the blind date… Li Muyao felt like she was irresponsible again. She had just agreed to marry him and then she vanished.

Li Muyao now felt regretful and ashamed not only because she didn't open her own beauty salon, but also because she didn't meet that good guy earlier!

Who could believe that Li Muyao was still single when she was thirty-two?

She had given people countless red packets for their wedding and newborn babies before she could even taste men. Those red packets had more than five hundred thousand yuan altogether and Li Muyao didn't recoup any of them back. What a shame!

Luckily, God let Li Muyao return to the time when she was an apprentice. Then, she must be able to meet a great guy!!!

Li Muyao thought since God sent her back, she must also be able to get everything she had during the pinnacle of her last life, including a house, a car, money, and a man, earlier.

Thinking of these wonderful things, Li Muyao even laughed when she was dreaming.

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