5 50% Luck

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"Color Hair, it's not even been half an hour and you don't recognize your Sister Yao? How many plates of beef noodles have you eaten? Or have you been drinking?"

Seeing her brother smile at her lovingly and gently from afar, Li Muyao immediately felt better about being reborn.


Color Hair immediately seemed to be frightened and he threw the chopsticks in his hands away.

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Luckily, Li Muyao was fast enough. She dodged to the side slightly and wasn't hit by the flying chopsticks.

"You, you, you, you… How can you be my streetwise Sister Yao?"

Color Hair pointed at the girl with a pure, beautiful face and stammered.

Color Hair liked to hang out with Li Muyao, this sister from the beauty salon, not only because she was clever, but also because she was sociable and cheerful. He felt like he was with a bro when he was with her.

Li Muyao had no idea her image in Color Hair's eyes was actually a hooligan.

If she knew about it, she would definitely beat Color Hair up without saying anything and would force him to correct her image in his mind. As for those dark histories, he must automatically delete, oh no, forget them.

She was a pretty fairy!

"Your streetwise Sister Yao? What are you talking about, kid?

"This is what I look like. This is my original appearance. Am I ugly or terrifying?"

Li Muyao pointed at her smooth and fair face and looked at Color Hair with threatening eyes as if she would instantly rush forward and break Color Hair's neck if he didn't say something that pleased her or admit she was ugly.

Color Hair touched his neck and felt a trace of coldness. He, who was eager to survive, immediately started bootlicking like how he usually did to Li Muyao.

"Sister Yao is not terrifying at all. I am.

"Sister Yao is the most beautiful flower at Wanhua Beauty Salon. You're even prettier than a pretty girl and cuter than Doraemon.

"Hehe, Sister Yao, sorry. I was too dumb and I saw wrongly it for a second.

"It's mainly because you look truly gorgeous without make-up, so I didn't recognize you. I'm afraid I don't deserve to be your brother."

Seeing Sister Yao become calm,

Color Hair secretly took a few deep breaths in his mind. Sister Yao's eyes were truly terrifying when she threatened him. She was indeed the streetwise Sister Yao he was familiar with.

He wanted to pat his chest to comfort his frightened and surprised little heart.

"Hehe, cuter than Doraemon? Stop it.

"Don't use Doraemon to describe me next time. It's fat and doltish. Such an image doesn't suit me.

"Have you had enough yet? Do you want some skewers from the barbecue store next door?"

It was almost midnight, but her brother still wasn't getting off.

Li Muyao even thought that Color Hair failed to call the police.

The plan of getting the police failed. Then, what about the one with the boss of Hongda Corporation, Sister Huang?

This big boss was too weak. If she doesn't do anything to give that scumbag a lesson, she truly… deserved to be fooled.

"Yes, yes. Sister Yao is the most beautiful girl. She has the most perfect image.

"Can I really have the skewers?"

It wasn't because Color Hair was silly, but he felt like he was suddenly stunned by Sister Yao's beauty. He must comfort his shocked mind with some skewers.

When Li Muyao nodded firmly, Color Hair immediately smiled and stuck out one finger, but changed to two after one second. He smiled embarrassedly and asked Li Muyao with his eyes.

"Twenty? Beef or mutton? Or twenty each?"

She asked him here for help, so no matter if it succeeded or not, she should feed him well.

"Hehe, Sister Yao, just ten each will do. I've already had two plates of your brother's beef noodles." After ordering the skewers, Color Hair pointed in Li Mufeng's direction.

"Oh, Sister Yao, is your brother picking up a call?"

As expected, Li Muyao saw her brother rub the oil off his hands on his body and took out a small rectangular phone from his pocket when she looked towards the direction Color Hair pointed at. Li Muyao immediately recognized the phone at first sight. It was a Nokia flip phone her brother bought for Liu Xiufang with two months of his salary when she became his girlfriend two years ago.

Last year, her brother spent two months of his salary to buy a slider phone for Liu Xiufang after she acted in a sulky and cutesy manner.

This old flip phone then became her brother's.

Li Muyao looked at the time on the electronic watch on her wrist. It came just in time.

"Sister Yao, look! Your brother's expression has changed. Could it be a call from the police station?"

Color Hair naively thought that it was impossible to get nothing after he and Sister Yao crouched there for so long and even kindly called the police.

While Color Hair was asking, Li Muyao had already stood up, as Li Mufeng looked pretty impatient and a bit worried when he talked to his boss.

After that, he came towards Li Muyao quickly. "Mooncake, your sister-in-law is in trouble. You should take the cab and go back with Color Hair first. Here's some money."

Normally, Li Mufeng would take his sister back to the house he and his girlfriend rented if she was alone.

However, his sister was with an apprentice from the shop, so it was inconvenient.

"Brother, it's better to take me with you if she's in trouble. Besides, Color Hair is a local here. It's okay to ask him to look for someone to help with his connections if there's anything.

"Color Hair, am I right?"

Hearing from her brother that something happened to her sister-in-law, Li Muyao knew the time had come.

Of course, she still refused to admit the word, sister-in-law, from the bottom of her heart. After all, Liu Xiufang might not be her brother's girlfriend anymore after tonight!

Li Muyao had indeed thought about taking advantage of the connections of Color Hair's family since the beginning, which was why she dragged Color Hair in.

"Right, Brother, Sister Yao and I are good friends. Sister Yao's business is my business.

"So, if something happened to her sister-in-law, I should also come with you to see what I can do to help. Let's go! Many hands make light work!"

Color Hair was excited again. After crouching there for several hours to catch the adulterer, they finally achieved something.

Luckily, their efforts weren't in vain.

How could someone who liked to watch the fun like him miss the result?

He had to go. He must go.

If he didn't go, he would feel sorry for the two plates of beef noodles he ate tonight.

"Brother, let's go. I'll get us a cab. Sister Yao, get the skewers for takeaway. We can't waste them." He then ran to the road opposite the night market to hail a cab.

Fortunately, they were at the night market, so there were plenty of cabs along the road.

After getting on the cab, Color Hair wanted to ask Li Mufeng about the details, but Li Muyao shut his mouth with the skewers. She concealed her speculation with a hint of excitement and asked carefully with concern.

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