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"Argh!! How can I go out like this?

"My image, my youth, and my beauty. Everything's destroyed by this make-up.

"How can I show up in front of people with this make-up? What if it becomes my dark history?"

Li Muyao yelled in her mind constantly and she even wanted to die.

Yes, after Li Muyao became a beautician, her expectations for her appearance got higher and higher, not to mention she has already become a senior beautician manager right now.

Such a make-up that made her look like a ghost was a trend from more than a decade ago.

Right, wasn't it a decade ago right now?

Li Muyao washed her face with water seriously while complaining about how stupid she was at this age.

As she continued washing, a woman also with messy make-up came out of the toilet holding her bag. Standing next to her, Li Muyao could hear her sobbing. Before Li Muyao said anything, the woman kindly gave her a bottle of facial cleanser.

She said with her reddened eyes, "You can't clean it with water. It's better to use the facial cleanser."

Li Muyao froze for two seconds and took the facial cleanser with a smile. "Thank you, pretty sister. Do you need to reapply your make-up?"

"Why should I? We've already broken up!"

"You should put on beautiful make-up after a breakup and make your ex regret it. Pretty sister, if you trust me, wait for me for three minutes. Let me wash my face and help you do an ex-boyfriend make-up. I assure you that your boyfriend will regret becoming your ex-boyfriend. What do you say?"

Out of pure occupational habit, Li Muyao certainly wanted to help this kind, pretty lady as well.

"Alright, I'll wait for you. My name's Yang Xin. What's yours?"

After Yang Xin sniffed and washed her hands, she waited aside quietly. After a while, she took all of her cosmetics in the bag out.

"I'm Li Muyao and I'm nineteen. Sister Yang Xin, your cosmetics are pretty nice, but I've had a look at your skin. It's sort of the drier type. Moisturizing cosmetics are more suitable for your skin. Then, your make-up will not crease or become cakey."

Li Muyao had already washed away the blurred smokey make-up on her face and she dried her face with the tissue paper her brother gave her. She then casually tied her punk hair up in a bun on the top of her head.

In an instant, she turned from a gangster that messed around at first sight to a cute, pure, and lovely student.

"You know these things? You're only nineteen, five years younger than me. But do you really know how to put on make-up?"

Yang Xin didn't seem to believe Li Muyao, mainly because Li Muyao looked even younger than she actually was. However, Yang Xin chose to trust her after hearing what Li Muyao said just then.

"Can you really help me do this ex-boyfriend make-up?"

Yang Xin had never heard of such make-up, but thinking that it could make her boyfriend regret becoming her ex-boyfriend, she was kinda excited about it.

"Sure, give me twenty minutes. I promise to help you change your face!"

Li Muyao wasn't bluffing. It was a fact!

In 2020 in her last life, Li Muyao could turn a seventy-year-old lady into a fifty-year-old middle-aged beauty with her make-up techniques.

"Alright, let's do it!"

Yang Xin didn't care about the possibility that this little girl she had just met a few minutes ago might be bluffing. She only closed her eyes and let Li Muyao do her thing on her face.

Her boyfriend gave her a huge blow.

He fell in love with her colleague, who was also her best friend. Everyone knew about it and Yang Xin was the last to know.

The man she had been carefully in love with for more than one year turned around and fell in love with her best friend just like that. Yang Xin was truly devastated.

She was angry with her best friend for stealing her boyfriend and also with her boyfriend for his betrayal.

"Okay, Sister Yang Xin, open your eyes and have a look. Are you satisfied with this make-up?"

After Li Muyao put lipstick on Yang Xin's lips, it was done.

Twenty minutes ago, she had a depressed face paired with running, heavy make-up. Normal women wouldn't like it as well, not to mention men who would find it disgusting. And now, Yang Xin's make-up was washed away by Li Muyao and Li Muyao reapplied a delicate, light make-up on her face quickly. Looking from afar, Yang Xin didn't seem to have make-up on.

Looking closely, the entire make-up turned Yang Xin's obvious flaws on her face into advantages. For example, Li Muyao used an eyebrow pencil to add some touches to the tail of her eyes which had single eyelids, turning them from small eyes to big eyes that looked brighter than they used to be.

Also, after Li Muyao shaded her oversized cheekbones with shadowing powder, her round face turned into a heart-shaped face. If Yang Xin looked like a failed woman just then, she was now a confident and stunning woman.

Her face had indeed changed compared to before, but she still looked like herself.

"Oh God, is this really me? When did I become so pretty? You… Li Muyao, right? Your make-up techniques are impressive. You really did such a delicate and gorgeous make-up for me with all these simple cosmetics.

"That's incredible. Where did you learn to do make-up?"

Yang Xin was completely stunned by the woman in the mirror. She couldn't believe that it was herself.

It was so beautiful!

That scumbag wasn't fit for such a gorgeous girl at all!

No wonder Li Muyao called it the ex-boyfriend make-up!

Let alone her ex-boyfriend, even Yang Xin almost cried because of her beauty!

No, if Yang Xin were a man, she would also fall in love with such a confident and stunning girl!

"I learned it myself. Of course, if you want to learn, I can teach you. I work at Wanhua Beauty Salon on the commercial street of the Gaochun Industrial Area."

Thinking of the remaining few hundred yuan in her hands, Li Muyao tried to rope her potential customer in out of habit again.

"I know where Wanhua Beauty Salon is. When I finish dealing with my ex, I'll go to find you and learn these make-up skills. Don't forget about me at that time."

Yang Xin jotted down the address Li Muyao told her. She worked in a factory in the industrial area herself and it was near to the commercial street, so it would be easy for her to find Li Muyao.

"Yes, I'd definitely remember such a beautiful woman like Sister Yang Xin. Besides, I think you deserve a handsome, rich man who treats you well.

"Just let your ex-boyfriend regret it.

"You'll certainly meet a better man than the last one!"

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Li Muyao said quite naturally and smoothly to her potential customer. She didn't seem to be flattering at all.

Watching Yang Xin leave, Li Muyao also went back to her brother and Color Hair.

"Hey, pretty, this seat is taken. You can go to that empty seat right there."

Color Hair tapped the chopsticks on the table and said to the beautiful girl sitting in front of him.

"Pfft! Color Hair, it's not even been half an hour and you don't recognize your Sister Yao? How many plates of beef noodles have you eaten? Or have you been drinking?"

Seeing her brother smile at her lovingly and gently from afar, Li Muyao immediately felt better about being reborn.

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