3 30% Luck

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Li Muyao ignored the strange look from the hotel receptionist and immediately ran out to find a newsstand that was still open. She bought a job recruitment newspaper from the Gaochun Industrial Area and flipped to the page with the largest advertisement, finding the contact number of Hongda Corporation very soon.

After getting the number, Li Muyao ran to a public telephone booth and called. Surprisingly, someone picked up. Li Muyao claimed that she was Sister Huang's cousin and she was looking for her, but she lost her phone. So, she wanted Sister Huang's number, so she could call Sister Huang and ask her to come and pick her up.

The person on the phone didn't doubt at all. After all, Li Muyao spoke great Cantonese and she sounded a bit arrogant as well. After getting the number, Li Muyao didn't waste any time. She quickly told Sister Huang that her husband went to a hotel with a woman and that woman had already gotten pregnant, and directly hung up after that.

After finishing this series of actions, Li Muyao suddenly felt like she was unexpectedly lucky to be able to accidentally hear information about that adulterer and to find the phone number of Hongda Corporation, telling the adulterer's wife about this. It went pretty smoothly!

When she returned to the bench in the park in front of the entrance of the hotel, Color Hair had already been waiting there. He seemed to be more thrilled and he showed clearly how much he wanted to gossip with excitement on his face. "Sister Yao, Sister Yao, Sister Yao, after I called the police and came back, I saw five cars at the entrance of the hotel. A dozen people got off and rushed inside. I guess they're here to catch an adulterer like us!"

"Hehe, I can't believe so many people come to cheat in such an old hotel!

"Should we go in there together and join in the fun?

"The police will take another ten minutes to come from the station anyway."

Li Muyao wasn't interested in gossiping at all. She only cared about how long it would take for the boss of Hongda Corporation, Sister Huang, to arrive after the call she made.

And also when the police would come to take Liu Xiufang and her lover away.

If they were really arrested, should she tell her brother? At that time, should she show up or not?

That was the problem!

She hit Color Hair's back and warned him, "Stop gossiping, kid.

"Right, thank you for lending me your camera and staying here for so long with me tonight. Are you hungry? Let's go get something to eat!"

"Huh? We're leaving now?" Color Hair sounded very disappointed.

"Are you coming or not? Let's go to my brother's restaurant. Didn't you say that his vermicelli and flat rice noodles are the best in the world?"

Hmm, speaking of late-night snacks, Li Muyao immediately thought about her brother. In order to fulfill Liu Xiufang's requests and marry her as soon as possible, he went to the night market to be a part-time chef after finishing work at the restaurant, helping the boss cook vermicelli and flat rice noodles.

Li Muyao once brought the noodles back to the shop and Color Hair ate half of it. He said it was the first time he had had such tasty beef noodles since he was born in Yang City and that it was the best in the world!

"Really, really? Hehe, Sister Yao, I may have to eat two bowls of beef noodles."

Fine, there's nothing to gossip about. How would it be more attractive than late-night snacks?

Besides, it's noodles made by Sister Yao's brother. That's really delicious.

Color Hair immediately left with Li Muyao.

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The two of them got on the last public bus. When they arrived at the night market in the Gaochun Industrial Area, they went straight to Li Mufeng's store.

But when they arrived at the store, Li Muyao couldn't go further anymore, as she saw her brother wearing a chef's hat and a mask, holding a spatula with one hand and moving the wok with another. He put salt, chili, and other seasonings into the wok like flowing water and tossed the food up in the air a few times. A plate of colorful, aromatic, and tasty fried vermicelli was then ready to go.

When he looked up and saw his sister standing there dumbfoundedly with her eyes reddened, Li Mufeng's heart immediately thumped and he thought, 'Who bullied her?'

Li Mufeng rubbed his hands on the chef's uniform and said something to his boss before he ran over immediately. He pulled Li Muyao to an empty table on the side and asked quickly and anxiously, "Mooncake, what's wrong? Did someone bully you? Or are you too tired and overwhelmed?

"If someone messed with you, tell me. I'll beat him up and take revenge for you right away.

"If you think it's too tiring to be an apprentice, then there's no need to learn to do beauty treatments and hairdressing. I can provide for you.

"Ah, why are you crying?"

Li Mufeng was stunned. Although his sister said something bad about Liu Xiufang last time, he had already given her a lesson. Since then, his sister had never come to visit him and he was thinking to take a day off to check on her.

In the end, his sister came to see him herself, but she seemed to have suffered great grievances!

Li Muyao suddenly started crying. Even Color Hair who came along was startled and had no idea what to do like Li Mufeng. In Color Hair's mind, Li Muyao was a determined, smart, hardworking, and studious girl.

"Yeah, Sister Yao, why are you crying?

"Don't cry. I'll pay for the food. I can even take you to eat seafood. What do you think?

"Sister Yao, if you continue crying, your make-up will run and you'll become ugly!"

"What? I have make-up on?"

As a senior beautician manager, she must maintain the most beautiful and most energetic condition all the time.

After hearing what Color Hair said, Li Muyao couldn't even be happy in time about seeing her young, stupid and honest brother again. She immediately got up and went to the washroom. She finally remembered. She now had a punk hairstyle the same as Color Hair's and she even put on a smokey make-up that could scare ghosts to death with cosmetics of low quality.

Her eyes could become panda's eyes when tears ran down her face.

"Mooncake, that's the wrong way. The washroom is this way. I'll get you some tissue paper!"

Li Mufeng knew his own sister after all. She was so anxious she went in the wrong direction and her brother even had to give her tissue paper.

Seeing her rushing into the washroom quickly, he inexplicably found it hilarious when his sister cried and ran away just then.

"Are you Color Hair that Mooncake always talks about? I heard that you like my beef noodles. Do you want two portions?"

Li Mufeng turned around and asked nicely as he looked at the boy two years younger than his sister.

"Yes, thank you, Brother. I'm Color Hair. I can't believe Sister Yao talked about me! Hehe, Brother, why do you call Sister Yao Mooncake?

"This nickname is too cute.

"Does Sister Yao like to eat mooncakes?"

Color Hair had no idea why girls like Sister Yao were especially afraid of people saying that they were ugly.

Once he mentioned becoming ugly, Sister Yao immediately stopped crying and ran.

He was still feeling disappointed about not being able to witness someone catch an adulterer at the hotel just then, and when he got off the bus and smelled the smell of the food, he was scared by Li Muyao's crying before he could even order. Luckily, Li Muyao's brother comforted her and she was alright.

Color Hair suddenly noticed. 'Her brother calls her Mooncake. Hehe, that's kinda cute.'

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