20 200% Luck

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After getting back to the salon, Li Muyao carried a bag of fruits and drinks up to the Beauty Department on the second floor. Color Hair also brought many fruits and drinks to everyone on the first floor.

"Muyao, did you really buy all these for everyone? That's quite expensive, right?"

Wu Lanqi knew how poor and stingy Li Muyao was.

Besides, they heard people say that Li Muyao's brother and sister-in-law came to make a scene and asked her for money again.

Li Muyao almost went crying to the manager to borrow money. In the end, Color Hair, the apprentice, generously lent fifty thousand yuan to Li Muyao!

"It's alright. I made a little bit of pocket money just now, so I bought some fruits and drinks back to thank everyone for always taking care of me." Li Muyao didn't take a cent from the ten thousand yuan she and Color Hair got when they went to buy lottery tickets at the opposite shop. She gave all the money to Color Hair.

Not only did Color Hair, the shop owner of the lottery shop, and all the new and old lottery buyers that witnessed the whole thing around the shop think that Li Muyao was lucky today, but even Li Muyao thought so herself.

Color Hair didn't want to take it at first, but when Li Muyao said it was to pay back the money she borrowed from him, he finally accepted it.

Color Hair wanted to buy some food for his colleagues with the money, so he naturally got some for Li Muyao as well.

"Muyao, I didn't know you have such a sophisticated side. Pretty good, pretty good.

"There will be an assessment this afternoon. Are you nervous?

"I heard that Manager Cai will come over later. Muyao, you're close to Color Hair, have you heard what Manager Cai wants us to do today?

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"Or which part of the cosmetology knowledge is she going to ask us?"

Wu Lanqi had always felt like Li Muyao only thought about ways to make money. After all, Li Muyao had been working at Wanhua for more than six months, but Wu Lanqi had never eaten something Li Muyao bought. On the contrary, the others always bought something for Li Muyao and Wu Lanqi to eat, since they asked both of them to take their shifts from time to time.

Wu Lanqi didn't have much money, but she still bought some cheap candies back to the dorm for everyone. And yet, Li Muyao had never done that even once, which was why Wu Lanqi was a bit surprised.

However, Li Muyao's sudden generosity wasn't the thing Wu Lanqi cared about. Wu Lanqi wanted to know if Color Hair had told Li Muyao something about the assessment of the apprentices today since they had such a close relationship.

Wanhua Beauty Salon had requirements for their apprentices. They were assessed once every couple of months. Once they pass an assessment, their basic salary every month would increase by ten yuan. For example, the salaries of Lin Hong and the others were added up bit by bit like that. Since every time you passed an assessment represented that your beauty techniques and knowledge were enhanced, it also meant that your contribution to the salon had increased and you could make more money for the salon.

However, if you didn't pass the assessment, you couldn't get a raise. Even though your salary wouldn't be deducted, if you failed too many times, you might be fired.

Being a beautician was a kind of job where you had to be familiar with everything to your bones. With less work, you would have fewer chances to practice. If you weren't even familiar with your profession, how would you be able to make more money with it?

If you couldn't create value for the salon, there was no need for you to stay here.

"No! Sister Lanqi, Manager Cai must be assessing us for those things we learned from Miss Chen every day. It won't be too difficult. We both did pretty well the first three times. This time will be the same!"

Li Muyao had already confirmed that this wasn't her illusion. After Li Muyao did a facial for Wu Lanqi, Wu Lanqi's attitude towards Li Muyao had started to change a little bit. What Wu Lanqi said just then made it even more obvious.

She knew clearly that no matter how close Li Muyao and Color Hair were, they would never talk about the content of the assessment of the Beauty Department.

If Li Muyao and Wu Lanqi weren't alone in the resting room right now, Li Muyao would totally believe that Wu Lanqi was trying to destroy the relationship between her and the other apprentices, and Li Muyao had evidence as well.

"Hehe, the apple is so sweet. Thank you, Muyao." Wu Lanqi inexplicably thought that Li Muyao was speaking gently today, but she also seemed to hear a sense of rejection and warning. Was that an illusion?

Wu Lanqi finished eating the apple, then lowered her head and looked at Li Muyao with glittering eyes and a smile. "Muyao, can you choose to serve Manager Cai during the assessment later?

"I've already told Lin Hong and the others that I dare not do a facial treatment for Manager Cai.

"You're the bravest among all of us. You should do it for her. What do you think?"

Manager Cai would never be a "practice customer" during small assessments. She would only come in person when she had to eliminate beautician apprentices who didn't improve and didn't do well.

This was the reason why today's assessment made everyone so terrified.

After all, Wanhua Beauty Salon wasn't a charity. There was already no tuition fee for learning beauty knowledge and techniques, and they even paid them a salary. So, they would fire people who didn't work with their hearts and wanted to get paid for nothing.


The door of the resting room opened. Lin Hong, who entered the room, apparently heard Wu Lanqi. She glanced at Wu Lanqi and put on a flattering smile on her face. "Right, right, Muyao. You'll be responsible for serving Manager Cai today!

"Let alone you being the most courageous, improve the fastest and have the most solid cosmetology knowledge among all the apprentices.

"You and Color Hair are like brother and sister. Even if you really don't perform well, Manager Cai wouldn't fire you as well."

That was right. Manager Cai was Color Hair's auntie. Oh, if Lin Hong didn't remind Li Muyao, she would have forgotten that Color Hairs' real name was Cai Mao.

Color Hair got his name, not because of his colorful punk hairstyle.

"Alright, if all of you don't want to serve Manager Cai, I'll do it."

In fact, even if Lin Hong and Wu Lanqi didn't come together to convince Li Muyao, Li Muyao also wanted to take the opportunity of the assessment to show people her real strength in cosmetology. It just had to be enough for Li Muyao to be promoted to the position of beautician quickly. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time for her to run to the first floor to shampoo people's hair from time to time every day.

More importantly, Li Muyao truly loved this industry. She still wanted to keep developing her career in cosmetology, but she was now just an apprentice and she didn't have any working experience. These two key points made it impossible for Li Muyao to serve customers directly.

The work experiences and qualifications of a beautician were very important.

After the three of them made a decision, they went to the beauty hall. The other apprentices, four beauticians including Chen Shuping, three customers who were willing to help with the assessment of the apprentices, and Manager Cai, were already waiting.

The beauticians and customers treated as "experimental subjects" were freely selected by the apprentices. In the end, Li Muyao and Manager Cai were left.

In the VIP beauty room, Manager Cai had already laid on the bed. After Li Muyao prepared warm water, wrapped Manager Cai's head and collar, and started doing the first step of face cleansing for Manager Cai, Manager Cai began to ask questions.

"What are the steps for morning skincare?"

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