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Liu Xiufang didn't stop there. She even called their mother, Lin Qin, and didn't show any respect to her future mother-in-law on the phone at all. She kept shouting fiercely, saying that it was fine if Lin Qin's family was poor and if she didn't want her grandchild, but how could she viciously instigate her daughter to come to beat a pregnant woman? Liu Xiufang said countless unpleasant words and finally hung up when she felt better.

Li Muyao was certainly not pleased. Liu Xiufang made wild accusations about her and turned things upside down. Li Mufeng even hit his sister, whom he had been doting on since she was small.

Li Muyao was furious. She called home to tell her family about it as she cried, but she was scolded by her mother harshly once again.

This aggravated her mother's condition. Li Muyao couldn't just let it go. She took a few days off and tailed Liu Xiufang like they did on TV.

She followed Liu Xiufang for four days until she was certain and came back to the shop to ask Color Hair for help.

In less than ten minutes, Liu Xiufang showed up at this small hotel, hugging her lover's arm intimately. Li Muyao immediately went forward with Color Hair to take pictures and interrogate her. Liu Xiufang was certainly guilty when Li Muyao caught her cheating, but she grabbed onto Color Hair and Li Muyao to protect her lover.

Liu Xiufang was accidentally pushed to the ground by the stronger Color Hair and blood started to ooze out between her thighs.

Everyone was instantly startled.

Liu Xiufang used this moment to grab Li Muyao's arm and hold Color Hair's leg, while she yelled for help and said they beat a pregnant woman up.

That paramour took the opportunity to run away. Li Muyao couldn't get any evidence again and her future sister-in-law even had a miscarriage.

Yes, Liu Xiufang put full responsibility on Li Muyao for her miscarriage and even said Li Muyao didn't want her to marry Li Mufeng, so she accused her of cheating, saying that her baby wasn't Li Mufeng's.

Ever since this incident, the relationship between Li Mufeng, the brother who adored his sister the most, and Li Muyao broke. When their mother knew about it, she came all the way to Yang City to take care of Liu Xiufang and was ordered about like a servant. When Lin Qin returned home, she even called Li Muyao out to scold her.

From then on, Li Muyao hadn't been close to her brother and her mother. If it wasn't for her twin brothers that got into college afterward, she wouldn't go home at all.

After recalling this memory, Li Muyao breathed and looked normal again. Color Hair next to her also dared to speak.

"Sister Yao, is that your future sister-in-law? She's really here with a guy."

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Li Muyao looked at the direction Color Hair pointed at and nodded as she commanded Color Hair with excitement on her face. "Give me the camera. Go call the police and tell them someone is prostituting herself in this hotel."

Since this wasn't a dream, she had another chance to prove her innocence and take revenge on Liu Xiufang at the same time. Li Muyao wouldn't be so stupid and rush ahead again.

She had to ask the police to come to deal with Liu Xiufang and she could take some pictures.

If her brother still didn't believe her with pictures and witnesses in front of him, there was nothing else Li Muyao could do.

"Huh? Sister Yao, if we call the police, won't they be arrested? If they're arrested because of prostitution, they'll lose their reputation. Your brother will be mad if he knows you did this."

Although Color Hair was young, he was mature.

Besides, he might only be a hairdresser apprentice in the shop, but his family held shares of the shop and he was a local in Yang City, so he knew everything he needed to know.

What Li Muyao is doing is ruthless!

Color Hair agreed that Li Muyao should give this woman, who cheated and lied, a lesson, but he also knew that Li Muyao was close to her brother and her brother seemed to care about this pregnant girlfriend as well.

"It's alright. It's better than being defrauded and cheated on after becoming a father!"

Right, even after the 'Li Muyao pushed Liu Xiufang over and caused her miscarriage' incident, Li Mufeng and Liu Xiufang still got married. Li Mufeng also gave her fifty thousand yuan of dowry and bought a house in Yang City in Liu Xiufang's name. Their family ran up huge debts for them to get married.

Before their third anniversary, Liu Xiufang gave birth to a baby boy, but when their son was ten years old, Liu Xiufang suddenly sold the house and ran away with all the money, leaving her son behind with Li Mufeng. Li Mufeng even found out the son he had been raising with his whole heart wasn't his after fifteen years.

When Li Muyao received these two pieces of news, she was really enraged. She was angry about the way she did things back then and fell into Liu Xiufang's trap, and she was angry about how muddle-headed and soft-hearted her brother was.

Ah, Liu Xiufang, this woman, was to be blamed for causing chaos to their family for so many years.

After she left, Li Mufeng lost both his wife and money. He didn't send the bastard, which he didn't know who the father was, away and even raised him as his own. After all, he had gotten used to it and had developed feelings for the child after all these years.

"I'll call the police then!"

Color Hair didn't ask anything else when he saw how determined Li Muyao was. He only hung out with Li Muyao because he thought she was smarter than those apprentice girls in the shop.

When Color Hair left, Li Muyao also followed Liu Xiufang and her lover with the camera.

Tailing someone required skills. Li Muyao didn't go too near them. She only made a move after Liu Xiufang checked into the hotel with her lover and went upstairs with the key.

However, when she was about to ask the receptionist for some information, Li Muyao was reminded by the conversation between two men carrying suitcases behind her.

"Isn't that Wang? How dare he? Isn't he worried his wife at home would get even with him when she knows about it?"

"What does he have to be afraid of? His wife is infertile anyway. Of course, he'd find a woman who's willing to bear his child."

"Right, outsiders like us can't say anything. However, I remember Wang relies on his wife's success for a living?"

"Yes, he's a matrilocal husband. If not, how would he be living such a good life? Just forget about it, Brother. We've just gotten back. Don't mind their business."

"Yea, it's indeed none of our business. Why don't we call Sister Huang at Hongda Corporation and ask her to come to see how ugly that scumbag is?"

"You're right. But we've just come back. Just leave them be for now. Right, this hotel is too old and small. What do you say we go to another one?"

"Sure, let's go to another one!"

The two tall men didn't seem to notice that Li Muyao was listening in on their conversation behind them. Before the receptionist of the hotel came to serve them, they had already left with their suitcases.

Sister Huang of Hongda Corporation?

The last name of Liu Xiufang's lover was Wang?

The last name of the paramour's wife was Huang?

Li Muyao had heard Color Hair mention this Hongda Corporation before. It was the largest garment factory in the Gaochun Industrial Area. Their boss was very impressive. She married someone as her matrilocal husband.

It was consistent with the information that two strangers mentioned!

Li Muyao felt like she was still dumb after being reborn. How could she not think of murdering with a borrowed knife, oops no, catching an adulterer with borrowed help?

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