18 180% Luck

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"I didn't win a prize indeed. There are just pictures of gold ingots on all of them. I didn't even get one yuan!"

Li Muyao was a bit disappointed by her luck. She got a hundred scratch cards, a hundred 2-yuan scratch cards. And yet, all she got was different numbers of gold ingots, so she was completely frustrated and wanted to cry.

"Sister Yao, don't be sad… Wait, Sister Yao, what did you just say? Let me see."

Color Hair heard what she said and noticed that something was wrong. The gold ingots on the scratch cards were the things they were looking for!

All of them had gold ingots?

Color Hair couldn't be sure before he checked, but when he did, he was stunned!


"Oh f*ck!!! Boss, come over here and have a look. Did Sister Yao win, win, win, win a prize???"

Color Hair was so shocked that he even spoke in the dialect he used in his hometown.

Color Hair was a bit too emotional and excited. He immediately jumped up, making the shop owner run over as well since the boss owner also heard Li Muyao said clearly that 'there were just pictures of gold ingots on all of them and that she didn't even get one yuan'.

"Hahahaha!!! You're indeed my Sister Yao. It isn't that you didn't win anything at all. You've won all of them. You're going to be rich!!"

"Sister Yao, we're not looking for numbers on the scratch cards, but these gold ingots. If you get one gold ingot on a scratch card, you can redeem it for five yuan, two gold ingots for ten yuan, three for a hundred yuan, four for five hundred yuan, and five for three thousand yuan."

"Until now, the lottery shop has sold tens of thousands of scratch cards and the largest prize people got was five hundred yuan only."

The other apprentice Color Hair mentioned before spent a hundred yuan to buy fifty tickets a few days ago, but he only got a ticket with three gold ingots.

It was already difficult to have three gold ingots on the same scratch card. However, Li Muyao didn't only get tickets with three gold ingots, but with four and five as well.

God, this was divine luck.

She was going to become rich!

The shop owner immediately squeezed over and pushed the lottery winner, Li Muyao, aside. His eyes under the spectacles widened and he kept mumbling like Color Hair, "This pretty girl is really going to become rich. What the f*ck!!!

"My lottery shop will also benefit from this pretty lady's fortune. It's going to be famous!

"Color Hair, your sister must have been blessed by the God of Wealth!

"There are three tickets with five gold ingots, six with four, twelve with three, and the remaining ones all have one or two gold ingots…"

If the shop owner didn't watch Li Muyao choose a hundred scratch cards casually, he would have doubted if this pretty lady had manipulated the results.

But now, he knew that this pretty girl had really been blessed by the God of Wealth!

"Hehe, my Sister Yao must really have been blessed by the God of Wealth. Quickly calculate it for us. How much will Sister Yao get from these hundred tickets?

"Sister Yao, Sister Yao, come here. I still have twenty tickets left. Help me scratch them. Let me have your luck as well!!!" Color Hair was so thrilled he wanted to scream. This is indeed Sister Yao. Her luck was totally unbelievable.

They both got two hundred yuan of scratch cards. Color Hair had scratched eighty of them but didn't get even one gold ingot.

And yet, Sister Yao won prizes from all of them and the value of the prizes was also different.

Li Muyao was first startled by Color Hair's screams and she was even pushed to the side by the excited shop owner. Her mind finally cleared up. It turned out it wasn't numbers that you had to scratch, but the gold ingots Li Muyao got.

It really wasn't Li Muyao's fault that she didn't know. She had never bought something like this in both lives, so she wouldn't know how these scratch cards worked.

Li Muyao still hadn't asked how much she got, but Color Hair and the shop owner had already taken her tickets and started counting. Color Hair even put his remaining twenty scratch cards in Li Muyao's hands. "Sister Yao, let us witness another miracle happen in front of our eyes."

Since Color Hair and the shop owner were shouting excitedly and loudly, people that walked by and those who were here to buy a lottery, also surrounded them.

After asking around, they knew that the pretty girl in front of the shop owner bought a hundred scratch cards today and she got prizes with different amounts of rewards from all of them.

"Seriously? I've bought scratch cards since it first launched, but I've never won anything. I didn't want to accept the results that time, so I bought at least a hundred tickets. However, I didn't even get one gold ingot."

"Is this a new trick the shop owner used to coax people into buying scratch cards, so he can get more customers?"

"It's true. I saw the shop owner counting together with that kid with colorful hair just now. Do you see that? The kid is holding scratch cards with gold ingots on all of them. There are even a few with four and five gold ingots!"

"F*ck! Seriously? How much will they get?"

"Go take a look at the entrance and see how much money different numbers of gold ingots correspond to. You'll know."

"So, everyone's standing around here right now to wait for this pretty lady, who has the blessing of the God of Wealth, to scratch the scratch cards again?"

"Yes, yes. These twenty tickets belong to that kid. They both bought a hundred. The boy has already scratched eighty of them but got nothing. He decided to let his sister, this pretty girl, scratch the remaining twenty for him."

"I think the chance is low. It's impossible they can get more!"

"I don't think it's possible either. I spend ten yuan for five of these tickets every day when I come to buy a scratch card, but I've never won even once."

"Just wait and see… Maybe this pretty girl has luck in money."

People who came afterward were still chatting and the onlookers in the front had already started screaming.

"Oh my God! She really got another. Two gold ingots!"

"Wow! Why is there a gold ingot again? Four!!"

"Another gold ingot…"

Twenty scratch cards were gone in just a few minutes.

Li Muyao was also a bit surprised herself, as she had never thought she would get rewards from another twenty scratch cards without missing one. She didn't get as many prizes from these twenty tickets as she did from her one hundred tickets, but there was at least one gold ingot on each of them.

Before Color Hair redeemed the prizes from the shop owner, the lottery buyers and onlookers around had all rushed to the shop owner to buy scratch cards.

"Boss, give me a hundred yuan of scratch cards quickly!"

"Boss, I want to buy fifty yuan of scratch cards."

"Boss, I want ten."

"I want thirty."

"I also want…"

Then, such a sight appeared in the lottery shop. The small shop was crowded with people. All of them were lowering their heads and scratching their scratch cards seriously. They kept murmuring with glitters of hope in their eyes.

"Gold ingot, gold ingot, gold ingot… Why didn't I get any?"

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"Why isn't there even one gold ingot?"

"F*ck! I didn't even see the shadow of the gold ingots."

"Win, win, win, win. Let me get the blessing of the God of Wealth from that pretty girl. Please give me a gold ingot. I've only scratched five tickets, but none of them has a gold ingot. It's alright. There will always be one on the next ticket."

"Why aren't there any gold ingots?"

"Is it because I don't have luck in money? Is that why I didn't get one?"

"Ah, I didn't get any as well…"

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