16 160% Luck

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The next few days, Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng almost had to rely on quick-acting heart pills to survive.

Right, the stocks of Anxing Group and Lechang Technology were like they had seen a ghost.

They rose for three consecutive days!

Even right when the stock market opened!

"Luckily, it's Saturday tomorrow. If not, I think I'll really need to go to the hospital to see a cardiologist. This is too exciting!" Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng had been in this industry for a while. They had also analyzed these two stocks, but they had never thought there would be such a crazy day.

That was too weird! The trend became a total mystery!

"The trend of the stocks is indeed a bit astonishing. I have a feeling! They may really rise crazily to 16 yuan like Miss Li Muyao said!"

In just three days, they had already doubled.

Based on such crazy and weird increases right now, they might be able to reach the 16 yuan Li Muyao mentioned next Friday!

"That's really possible!"

Li Muyao didn't know Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng had to take medication to support their hearts so they wouldn't be frightened because of the weird trend of the stocks these few days. But, she also kept track of the trend through the texts Color Hair got from the securities company every day.

Every time Li Muyao saw Color Hair's texts, she became more relieved and felt like she was one step closer to getting rid of poverty.

Unfortunately, reality showed Li Muyao that although dreams were beautiful, they couldn't stand people that held them back, which was her own brother!

Sunday noon at twelve, it was Li Muyao's lunch and rest time.

A man and a woman came to Wanhua Beauty Salon. Since they were familiar faces, Color Hair quickly took them to the staff resting room to wait and he ran up to the Beauty Department on the second floor.

"Sister Yao, Sister Yao, your brother and his girlfriend are here. They're looking for you."

Li Muyao looked at the worried Color Hair. She was thinking of patting his hair to comfort him, but she got rid of this idea when she found that Color Hair was one head taller than she was.

However, Li Muyao still comforted Color Hair with a smile. "He's my brother after all. Do you really think they'll eat me?

"Don't worry. Even if they're really looking for me, how would I put myself in an unfavorable situation?

"Who am I?

"I'm your 'streetwise Sister Yao'. Only I can make people suffer. No one can take advantage of me.

"Right, where's my brother and Liu Xiufang?"

"The staff resting room on the first floor. Sister Yao, do you really not need me to go with you?"

Color Hair wanted to go with her, but thinking that Sister Yao was ten times more violent than he was, he immediately gave up the thought.

Li Muyao pushed the door of the resting room open, then glanced at Color Hair standing outside the door and directly locked it.

"Hey, Sister Muyao, who are you avoiding? You seem surprised to see me.

"Ha! I came here with your brother to tell you good news.

"Your brother and I will get married as scheduled.

"So, give us back the fifty thousand yuan of dowry your brother prepared for me right now. That is the money your brother prepared for me!

"You're just a sister-in-law. Don't ever try to take it. Otherwise, with my eloquence, your reputation will be completely destroyed within three days after you return to your home.

"Don't blame me for not reminding you when you can't get married in the future!"

Liu Xiufang thought the coward Li Mufeng could really be that tough. In the end, after she pretended to be weak and pathetic, cried for two days, and told some lies, she took down the stupid Li Mufeng once again right when she was discharged.

Liu Xiufang had already known that men could never get rid of their lust and desire!

Li Muyao and Liu Xiufang had been together for two years and Liu Xiufang knew too much about Li Mufeng. Of course, Liu Xiufang was truly determined to prove to Li Mufeng her innocence and determination this time.

She wrote a letter of guarantee to Li Mufeng.

She even promised Li Mufeng that she didn't want a house. She just wanted the fifty thousand yuan of dowry and she would be willing to get a marriage certificate with Li Mufeng. She was also willing to follow Li Mufeng back to his master's restaurant to continue working as a waitress, help Li Mufeng take care of his mother who needed to take medicines for treatment all the time, and his twin brothers who were still studying.

As for his sister, Li Muyao?

Liu Xiufang said that Li Muyao was already an adult and she was an apprentice. Her salon also provided her with meals and a place to stay, so they didn't have to worry about her at all.

How would Li Mufeng be a match for Liu Xiufang? After Liu Xiufang coaxed him like a kid and lied to him, he became obedient to her again and they were now here to ask Li Muyao for the money!

Li Muyao was still a bit doubtful about what Liu Xiufang said. After all, Liu Xiufang and her lover were caught at the hotel a few days ago and what Miss Huang said was enough for Li Mufeng to see and understand clearly what kind of woman Liu Xiufang was.

Liu Xiufang coming here not only meant that she was protesting Li Muyao but also provoking her.

Even though Li Muyao had already known her brother's character, she still couldn't help but look at Li Mufeng and ask, "Brother, this is what you want to tell me after these few days?

"Ha, right, I'm only your sister. You don't have to tell me about you and Liu Xiufang."

"Your life and your future are in your hands!"

Li Mufeng was a bit panicked by his sister's disappointed look, but he got himself back together when Liu Xiufang pinched his waist hard. Li Mufeng thought Liu Xiufang was right. His sister had to marry someone sooner or later.

Liu Xiufang was the one who was going to live the entire life with Li Mufeng in the future. Besides, Liu Xiufang was willing to become better for him, go back to work at the restaurant for him, and start a business and bear hardships with him.

Li Mufeng was a chef, but one who wasn't particularly good at cooking. He had been following his master for a long time and it was also meaningless to keep working for someone.

He would rather take the fifty thousand yuan to rent a store at the night market with Liu Xiufang to start his own business and be his own boss.

This way, Li Mufeng would be able to stay with his girlfriend, Liu Xiufang, every day and he could make more money to send back home.

Besides, Liu Xiufang promised Li Mufeng again and again that she wouldn't do anything to disappoint him in the future!

Li Mufeng truly loved Liu Xiufang. Otherwise, he wouldn't have humored Liu Xiufang, spoiled her, and protected her in the last two years.

It wasn't all Liu Xiufang's fault she got ruined by that old man this time. Like Liu Xiufang said, how could a small woman like her fight against a big guy?

That old man even threatened Liu Xiufang. If Liu Xiufang didn't obey that old man, he would kick Li Mufeng out of Yang City such that Liu Xiufang and Li Mufeng couldn't stay here anymore.

Li Mufeng didn't quite believe her at first, but a few of Liu Xiufang's friends came to scold Li Mufeng afterward and told him the same story Liu Xiufang used to deceive him, making Li Mufeng believe that it was real and that Liu Xiufang did this completely for him, to protect him. That was why she was forced to let that old man…

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If not, Liu Xiufang wouldn't still want to marry Li Mufeng even when she knew she was pregnant with the baby of that old man. She and Li Mufeng were true love!

Li Muyao had no idea about all these. If she did, she would certainly be in awe of Liu Xiufang's mouth and deceit.

Only Li Mufeng, this kind of Saint who had fishes in his brain, would be deceived by someone like Liu Xiufang, who said things without logic at all and full of loopholes.

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