15 150% Luck

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"No, no, we're neighbors. We should help each other out. Let's go. Manager Liu will take you through the procedure."

Chen Qing had gotten some information from that big boss and had already been taught what kind of attitude and tone he should use when speaking with this pretty girl Li Muyao so that she wouldn't doubt him.

Liu Gucheng soon completed the entire procedure for opening a stock account in half an hour.

When depositing money in the bank, Liu Gucheng was a bit surprised by the hundred thousand yuan Li Muyao took out, but he soon hid his emotions on his face. There were always customers with a million yuan like them, and Liu Gucheng knew Color Hair's family was a relocation family and also one of the shareholders of Wanhua.

It was normal for him to take out a hundred thousand yuan. After all, Color Hair's family had five acres of land, including their old house and pig farm, when they were relocated. As the first urban construction village in Gaochun District, the price of their village wasn't low. Even though it had almost been a decade, the money was enough for Color Hair, the second son of his family, to get such an amount.

Liu Gucheng didn't know that half of the hundred thousand yuan belonged to Li Muyao and the other half was just one-fourth of Color Hair's pocket money.

If Color Hair wasn't scared by those relatives and people he knew who committed suicide and lost their homes because of investing stocks back then, he would have taken out all of his pocket money for Li Muyao, based on his admiration and trust in her.

"Sister Yao, is it all done?"

Color Hair asked with a smile when he saw Li Muyao and Liu Gucheng, he immediately got up and ran to Li Muyao like a dog who saw its owner.

"Yes, we'll come to buy it at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow."

Li Muyao smiled and replied.

"Pretty Muyao, do you guys have any stocks you want to buy? Or do you want us to recommend a few good stocks for you?"

Chen Qing also stood up the moment Color Hair did and made a gesture of invitation.

It clearly meant that he still wanted to talk to Li Muyao for a while.

"Can you tell me which stocks you recommend? If they sound good, we'll buy according to your suggestions."

Li Muyao didn't really trust these two securities managers, Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng. But, when they were shampooing their hair in the salon, they mentioned the Anxing Group, so Li Muyao wanted to know what else they would recommend.

Li Muyao had already decided to start investing in Anxing Group tomorrow anyway. The cost was only 4 yuan and it was a great place to start.

"Sure, sure! We've already recommended the Anxing Group. There is also Hongyun Pharmaceutical and Lechang Technology. These two stocks have a pretty good recent and future development trend."

Chen Qing listed three stocks he had studied and analyzed a long time ago and the one his big boss mentioned specifically.

Chen Qing didn't only recommend Li Muyao to buy these stocks, he and Liu Gucheng also bought some today. Even though they each invested only fifty thousand yuan, they could still follow in the footsteps of their big boss to earn some pocket money.

After all, they couldn't exceed a certain amount in their own investment in stocks.

"How about this? You should jot down my brother's phone number. We'll leave our account and password to you, so you can help us manage it in the future. When the stocks are around an important point, you can send a text to his number.

"You should know that we're both working and our job isn't as flexible as yours, so we can't go out.

"I'll remember these three stocks. Let us look them up on the Internet tonight and check. We'll come over to tell you which ones we're going to buy tomorrow morning. What do you say?"

Among the three stocks Chen Qing recommended, Li Muyao remembered two of them because her customer in her last life, who was the Queen of Stocks, always repeated them in front of Li Muyao. Those were thriving stocks, so Li Muyao remembered them especially.

Li Muyao was interested in two of these three stocks. This changed the previous distrust Li Muyao had in the two managers, Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng.

Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng sent Li Muyao and Color Hair off and sat back down in the office. They each lit a cigarette and started talking after smoking a few puffs, breaking the silence.

"Old Liu, do you think Miss Li Muyao would take our suggestion and buy all three stocks or choose a couple of them to buy tomorrow?"

"I think they will choose two out of three. After all, they don't have much money in hand. They only have a hundred thousand yuan."

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"Old Liu, you're confident in the stocks the boss recommended, right?" Even though Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng had already invested in the three stocks, they hadn't risen much in the last two weeks. Overall, they had only increased by less than 30 cents.

"Boss told us we have to get in touch with Miss Li Muyao. This must be right. Besides, we've also analyzed them ourselves. From our professional perspective, these three stocks are indeed promising and can help us make money."

"You must know that our big boss invests a million yuan in each stock. He has countless times more money in his hands than we do, which we can't even imagine."

Yes, the big boss Liu Gucheng and Chen Qing were talking about was their super VIP and also the biggest customer of Xinghong Securities.

They heard that the amount of money in his stock account had more than ten digits.

Therefore, Liu Gucheng thought that their boss would definitely not trick them as they were about to achieve what their boss asked them to do. It would be completely meaningless for him to do that.

As expected, at 9:20 a.m. the next day, Li Muyao and Color Hair took half an hour off to come to Chen Qing's office.

After getting off last night, Li Muyao seriously tried to remember everything the Queen of Stocks and her talked about in those ten years. In the end, Li Muyao decided to invest in Anxing Group and Lechang Technology. These two stocks had been mentioned more than five times by the Queen of Stocks, and what was the most unforgettable for Li Muyao was that the cost of these two stocks was low.

For example, the opening price of Anxing Group was 4.3 yuan today.

And that of Lechang Technology was 5.5 yuan.

That was great. Li Muyao divided her and Color Hair's money into two for buying, fifty thousand yuan each for the two stocks.

When these two stocks rise to 16 yuan, they could just sell them again.

"What? Pretty Muyao, you want us to sell them when they rise to 16 yuan?"

Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng were startled by Li Muyao's request. They had been working in this industry for many years. Some stocks did rise quite a lot every day in a week. However, Li Muyao, who seemed to know nothing, could tell them the exact point the stocks might rise to and ask them to sell the stocks for her?

"Yes, Manager Liu, I think these two stocks should be able to rise a lot. Anyway, when they rise to 16 yuan, just sell them. You must remember this.

"We both have no time to stare at the stock market every second."


"No problem!"

Chen Qing stopped Liu Gucheng and didn't let him reject her or express his doubts.

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