I Have An All Knowing System, Is That Cheating?
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I Have An All Knowing System, Is That Cheating?


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What is I Have An All Knowing System, Is That Cheating?

I Have An All Knowing System, Is That Cheating? is a popular web novel written by the author Windreader8675, covering FEMALE LEAD, SYSTEM, OP MAIN CHARACTER, MAGICAL ABILITIES, OVERPOWERED FEMALE LEAD, ALL-GENRE MIX, DISCIPLES, WANNABE LAZY MC, LAZYISH AUTHOR, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 96.6K readers with an average rating of 4.88/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 30 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Xun Ying died by a gunshot that hit her on the head by a terrorist. Her soul was saved by a system that apparently called himself Baobao and brought her to Eververse, a world where children are possible no matter your gender and relationship status. As the daughter of Lan Tianqing and Tian Siyang, everyone expected her to be just like them, becoming a powerful figure, however, what will happen if the situation exceed what people expect of her and become a genius who knows how to read and write at 2 and walk and run at 8 months old while talking only when 3 months old? In this life, Xun Ying's only goal is to protect her family and live her life to the fullest. But what happens when she got a disciple out of nowhere and somehow end up with a whole city population of disciples following her? Besides her goal, the only thing else that she wanted to be was a salted fish! Now, what should she do to her disciples? And that man who kept pestering her? __________ *Credits to the creator(s) who created the anime characters Status: Cover Completed Author:*phew* Spend so many hours working on it.


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You update both of your novels very consistently. I like the characters but even more, I love the story line. Everything fits. If there are some grammatical mistakes, but they're so minor you can still the what the story is telling.


Great read. The author knows how to put the right amount of fun in his novel. The characters are well written, as well as the plotline and the worldbuilding. A fun read for all. 👍😊


MC goes through relatable emotions of a teenager before being swept into an interesting and diverse world. Easy to read, and nice humor with thoughts of the author along the way!


The main character's anguishes at the beginning are very relatable, which contributes to the reader developing a sense of empathy with Xun Ying. Besides her irreverent way of being makes for some pretty interesting comedy. But for me what really distinguishes this novel from others is the idea of having a system with such a human personality. I don't know if it's original, but I had never seen this before.


Reveal spoiler


Author, you should update this more often. The comedy in this gem is fantastic!! Grammar-wise, it needs a lot of improvement. I highly suggest that you use some correction tool like Grammarly for improvement. Overall, I can say that I definitely enjoy this story hahahaha!!! Thumbs up.


Systematically methodical, incongruously designed, played by a broadly covered mc with an wisdomful cheat, reigning over the other principle powers.


The story's funny, full of comedic atmosphere but has a nice plot to push it even further. The world building is just right, the right speed in making the story move. But it's so funny😂 just read it!


Cute way, author the story is just greedy read, haha, you are doing good job. Overall reading experience is great for a reader. World building and the character design is fine as well, so five stars.


Died in the hands of a terrorist and got reincarnated. Baobao! Being a guide like in systems She had regret In her first life hope she doesn't in second life. Got suck into painting and now a inheritance thingy going well, hope author continues it.


Really interesting novel, am quite invested in this story now~ XD The use of a system but with a cute persona is charming, Bao Bao sounds adorable. Author inserts did feel a little weird to me, but author san makes it work really well in the plot. Pacing: Really good pacing, not too fast and not too slow. Setting: I like the use of both Eastern and Western influences in this novel, it makes it refreshing to read. Keep up the awesome writing! Can't wait to read more. ^.^


Okay, one word before I start the real review, this novel is FUNNY as hell! I don't recommend reading it while using your brain, just toss that out the window and your good! This novel literally breaks the 4th wall, actually no, it breaks every kind of wall possible! The MC is literally OP just based on the fact she's still an infant and going around doing **** 10K year old cultivators doing after only a few days after birth and the fact that the author even said she has a thick-ass Plot-armor. The grammar is a little iffy, but this could be because the author's main language isn't English? This is a good read if you want a good laugh. The author uses a lot of chinese humor, but it's a relief the author explains it. However, I think it'd do the story good if perhaps the author's notes and explanations were strictly at the end of the novel?


Story is nice not to mention, the plot is very refined too 😁 it's a great read without a doubt. I just hope that autho-san would continue on his endeavor to finish this story... I, alongside others who have read this hopes to be bombarded with updates soon... God bless author San!!


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