2 1,000 times the speed

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City S was a multinational metropolis. There were flowers, birds, fish, and insects in the market, but fruit trees were a different matter altogether.

Zhang Cheng would have to travel to some nurseries in the suburbs.

So Zhang Cheng took a day off and took the subway to the suburbs. It couldn't be helped. The subway was cheap and convenient.

He came to the outskirts of the city. Zhang Cheng had bought fruit trees here a few times before, so he was quite familiar with the place.

As he took another look at the Heavenly Dimension, Zhang Cheng came up with some ideas and planned to plant some apple trees.

For one thing, Zhang Cheng liked to eat apples, and the apples he harvested could be sold at wholesale values to his fellow factory workers. The problem of selling them at that time would be avoided.

After asking around, the apples were basically planted by grafting.

Grafting was especially important for fruit trees, because some good varieties couldn't be planted by seeds, so they could only be grafted.

After thinking about it, Zhang Cheng bought twenty-five seasonal rootstocks and enough branches of good varieties of apples to be grafted.

It cost Zhang Cheng a total 13,000 yuan.

There was no other way. If he wanted to optimize the growth time of the fruit trees, he couldn't buy three five-yuan saplings. The rootstocks were all three or four years old, so they were naturally expensive. However, this was also the reason why Zhang Cheng wanted to get a quick harvest, he could only spend more money.

Fortunately, the survival of the fruit trees and plants in the dimension was ensured as long as they were planted in the first place. Zhang Cheng wasn't very worried.

As the purchase was made, the vendor was a little worried about whether the rootstocks could survive and whether the grafting could be successful. Even so, he kept his silence. He was here to profiteer from his customers. Why even attempt to dissuade them from unwise purchases?

He spent another 500 yuan to hire a big truck to transport the saplings to the warehouse that Zhang Cheng temporarily rented for a week.

There was no other way. Zhang Cheng only wanted to rent it for a day, but the boss was having none of it, so this was the best arrangement they could come up with.

After wrapping up payment, Zhang Cheng watched the truck driver leave, turned around, and returned to the warehouse. He closed the warehouse door tightly.

It was called a warehouse, but it was just an ordinary flat-bed house. It was just relatively spacious.

However, Zhang Cheng didn't hurry to tighten the space of the fruit tree. Instead, he raised his hand and turned off the lights in the warehouse. Then, he covered the warehouse with curtains, enveloping it in darkness. Then, he took out his phone and turned on the camera. He walked around the warehouse a few times but did not find any place that reflected the red light. In other words, there were probably no cameras in the warehouse.

There was no other way. No one should learn of this ability. Trees magically vanishing into thin air.

He could only be cautious about it.

After roughly confirming that there were no cameras, Zhang Cheng willed things into action with his mind.

The fruit trees and grafted branches placed on the ground all vanished and appeared in the Heavenly Dimension.

Then, with a thought, Zhang Cheng planted all the fruit trees and grafted the apple branches.

After doing all this, when Zhang Cheng was about to leave, a semi-transparent notification box suddenly popped up in front of him.

"There is not enough fertilizer in the Heavenly Dimension. The plants are unable to grow, so they have been temporarily frozen."

Zhang Cheng was stunned. When he bought the fruit trees, he had bought five bags of organic fertilizer, a total of 200 kilograms.

How could there be a shortage of fertilizer?

Zhang Cheng visited the dimension and was surprised.

The newly planted fruit tree that had been trimmed to a certain extent had grown luxuriantly, and the grafted apple branches had also begun to flourish.

What was going on?

From what he knew, it would take at least a month for it to grow to this extent.

How did it grow so fast?

After thinking for a moment, Zhang Cheng went straight to the fertilizer store and bought 100 bags of organic fertilizer. He had to buy more. The five bags of organic fertilizer he had just bought were gone after a few steps.

He had the minivan bring the fertilizer to the warehouse again. Zhang Cheng put the fertilizer into the Heavenly Dimension.

Then, he observed the situation.

The fruit trees began to grow. The grafted apple branches also began to flower, bear fruit, and mature.

In less than four hours, the fruit trees and apple branches that Zhang Cheng had bought that very morning actually bore a lot of fruit. Zhang Cheng was dumbfounded.

Of course, the consumption of fertilizer was just as ridiculous.

The previous five bags and the subsequent 100 bags, totaled up to 4,200 kilograms of fertilizer. Slightly over 1,300 kilograms of it was already gone.

However, Zhang Cheng was not very concerned about this because the apple had grown at a rate that shocked Zhang Cheng.

So, time flew in this Heavenly Dimension? Zhang Cheng did a simple calculation in his heart. It could even be as much as 1,000 times!

This was shocking.

One day, three years, ten days, thirty years?


Zhang Cheng felt his scalp go numb. It was too much for his body to take.

He had expected it to be nothing more than an expansion of space. It was more room for him to grow crops, nothing more. He did not expect time itself to be accelerated a thousand times faster!

So much could be done with this.

Zhang Cheng thought of nearly a hundred ways to use this. However, after pondering, Zhang Cheng decided to harvest the apples and work on the tree. Then, he planned to exchange the harvested apples for points.

1,832 kilograms of apples. Would you like to exchange it for 0.0456 points?

As he read the semi-transparent notification box in front of him, Zhang Cheng felt like smashing the table.

Heavenly or not, the exchange rate of the points was still the same as before. One could harvest n kilograms of apples in a year, and the total value of the exchange would still be 100 points. And the value of each kilogram of apples would be 100 n, which was 1,800 kilograms, a total of nearly two tons of apples, which would only be exchanged for a pitiful 0.0456 points.

After canceling the exchange, Zhang Cheng could not help but sigh helplessly. Heavenly Dimension had a heavenly space-time continuum, but an equally rubbish exchange rate.

However, after thinking about it, Zhang Cheng was not discouraged.

Even if he did not exchange points, the advantage of time itself gave him so much potential.

Zhang Cheng grew very excited.

But soon after, Zhang Cheng's face turned bitter.

All his savings over the years had been spent almost completely just now.

There was no foundation for him to carry out those operations.

After rubbing his face, Zhang Cheng thought for a moment, then started plucking the apples with his mind. It was so convenient.

Then, Zhang Cheng took out an apple that he had just harvested and took a bite. Although it was not very delicious, it was decent. After all, the variety of grafted apple branches that Zhang Cheng chose was not bad.

This made Zhang Cheng smile in satisfaction. He looked at the dark sky outside and hurried back to his residence.

The next day, Zhang Cheng went to work.

"Sister Yu, do you want an apple? One Yuan per kilo."

Sister Yu was Zhang Cheng's mentor and senior in the field. She had been in charge of teaching him how not to mess up at work. She was in her thirties this year and but looked to be in her forties. She had a son who was in high school.

She was a little surprised to hear Zhang Cheng's words.

"Little Cheng, what are you doing?"

"My friend has an apple orchard at home. They recently had a harvest. I was wondering if I could help him sell some," Zhang Cheng said.

Sister Yu nodded. "I'll take ten kilos." Although it wasn't much, she was being supportive. She didn't even ask anything further about the orchard.

"Okay, I'll send it to you after work tonight?" Zhang Cheng said.

"Sure." Sister Yu chuckled.

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