30 Dumbfounded

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Xu Ning heard the noises before he even arrived at the dining hall.

He quickly walked a few steps and saw the two groups confronting each other outside the dining hall.

On Tao Village's side, Tao Qingyuan was the leader.

On the Tan Village side, the leader was a young man with long hair and a fur coat.

There was someone curled up on the ground in pain.

Xu Ning walked in and looked at the person. He saw that it was Tao Qingge from the Tao Village.

It seemed like the Tao Village was at a disadvantage.

"Tan Fengying, your people from the Tan Village hurt my people. And you are going to defend them?"

Tao Qingyuan sternly scolded.

Tao Qingyuan had a tyrannical posture, and his tone was straightforward and prideful.

The person named Tan Fengying, facing Tao Qingyuan's aura, was not amused.

"Hurt your people?"

Tan Fengying smiled. "Weakness is one's own fault, what can I say?"

"This is not a martial arts contest. What weakness?" Tao Qingyuan said coldly, "the dining hall is for public use. You guys came a day earlier, then you claimed the dining hall and started to beat people. Isn't this ridiculous?"


Tan Fengying sneered. "Restrain your Tao people, otherwise someone will get injured again. Don't blame me for not reminding you."

"Let's go!"

After that, Tan Fengying waved his hand. The dozens of people behind Tan Jiazhuang burst into laughter and left.


Someone from the Tao Village threw out a leftover steamed bun and hit one of the people from the Tan Village.

"F*ck them up!"

Instantly, both sides became angry.

The atmosphere in the hall was like a barrel filled with gunpowder that suddenly exploded.

The two groups rushed towards each other and began to fight.

At the same time, the people Tao Qingping called for help had also arrived. He even brought Tao Jin, and the fight became more and more intense.

"I heard earlier that there was friction between the Tan Village and the Tao Village. I didn't expect it to happen right after arriving… It seems that this camp site is going to be bloody."

Xu Ning saw that the Tao Village had already started to fight. He shook his head reluctantly, and followed forward recklessly.

No one had any weapons. They all fought each other with their arms and fists.

"Tao Qingyuan, let me see what you can do!"

Tan Fengying punched Tao Qingyuan in the chest.

Tao Qingyuan also fought back immediately. The two best younglings of the two villages scrambled together.

And Xu Ning, although he rushed into the crowd, did not act irrationally like the others.

Xu Ning didn't immediately find someone to fight, but wherever there were fights, he would help those from the Tao Village to land a few punches.

When others wanted to fight him, he would run away. He acted as a distraction.

Xu Ning had the strength of the muscle bone realm. Moreover, the Source Breath Bodybuilding Tactic had also improved his physique. No one was more flexible than him.

Soon, Xu Ning saw Tao Jin fight with a woman from the Tan Village.

The movements of the two were very tricky. Their punches landed either on the face or the chest.

Xu Ning began to weigh his options, instead of helping Tao Jin, he slipped behind Tao Qingyuan and Tan Fengying.

Tan Fengying was avoiding Tao Qingyuan's punches, and his face happened to be on Xu Ning's side.

Seeing this, Xu Ning did not hesitate. He blasted Tan Fengying's face with a punch.

Tan Fengying had devoted himself to the battle with Tao Qingyuan, so he didn't expect anyone to interfere with the two of them.

He saw the fist coming towards his face.

Then, the punch landed.

Tan Fengying let out a painful cry, and his nose began to bleed.

Xu Ning's body was not as weak as before. Thus, Tan Fengying was greatly damaged.

"Sucker punch!"

Tan Fengying was furious. He subconsciously wanted to punch Xu Ning back.

But Tao Qingyuan punched again, and this punch was much more powerful than Xu Ning's punch. It directly landed on Tan Fengying's face, making him unconscious for a few seconds.

Seeing the opportunity, Xu Ning threw out another punch.

Tan Fengying received three punches in a row.


Finally, a Black Armored Guard stationed here came to the dining hall.

The Black Armored Guard came alone. He was short and stout, but his voice was stern.

"Anyone who continues to fight will be kicked out of Kangyun County!"

The warning finally made two groups of people stop fighting.

"Fighting on the first day, how dare you all."

The short Black Armored Guard looked across everyone's face, but when he looked at Xu Ning, he paused for a moment. "All of you, no food tonight!"

"Okay, dismissed!"

The Black Armored Guard turned around and left.

Before leaving, he glanced at Xu Ning again.

It wasn't that Xu Ning stood out from the crowd. In fact, when the guard first arrived, he did not stop the fight immediately.

He looked at the fight between the two sides, and he noticed that Xu Ning acted uniquely. When everyone else lost their minds, Xu Ning was still calm, performing precise strikes in the crowd, causing the Tan Village members to feel miserable, and he even beat up the leader.

This gave him a solid impression of Xu Ning.

When the stocky Black Armored Guard left, the venue fell silent.

The two sides walked away from each other.

"Just wait and see!"

Tan Fengying held his nose and pointed at Xu Ning viciously.

This surprised the people who hadn't noticed what happened before. Tan Fengying was fighting Tao Qingyuan, so why would he direct his hostility to another person.

The two groups then went their separate ways.

"Xu Ning."

Tao Qingyuan took the initiative to walk to Xu Ning's side.

The punch that Xu Ning landed greatly benefited Tao Qingyuan.

"Brother Qingyuan."

Xu Ning said in response.

Although the two were selected into the Black Armored Guards at the same time, they had not interacted prior to this.

"No need to be so polite."

Although Tao Qingyuan was the top genius of the Tao Village, he had a humble personality.

"I have wanted to beat this Tan Fengying guy for a long time. And you have helped me this time and greatly fulfilled my wish."

Tao Qingyuan and Xu Ning walked side by side towards the residence area.

"I thought you would blame me for disrupting your fight."

Xu Ning smiled. He thought Qingyuan wanted a one-on-one fight.

"Of course not!"

Tao Qingyuan felt like Xu Ning was an interesting character. "As long as we can win against the opponent, the circumstances don't matter. When encountering horse bandits or encountering beasts, do you think they will fight fairly?"

Tao Qingyuan's words surprised Xu Ning.

To outsiders, Tao Qingyuan looked responsible and abided by the rules. Otherwise, Tao Jingxing would not have deliberately trained him and appointed him as the future Clan Head of the Tao Village.

But now it seemed that he was easygoing and not stubborn at all.

"However, although we won this time, this incident happened on the first day. I am afraid that this is not the end of it."

Tao Qingyuan was a little worried.

In fact, he didn't want to fight, but the other party acted first.

"No need to worry."

Xu Ning said relievedly, "When we were fighting just now, I saw that the Black Armored Guard-in-charge was watching. He kept waiting until the fight got too intense, before he stood up and stopped it."


Tao Qingyuan frowned and lowered his voice. "Then you mean…"

"I think the Black Armored Guard-in-charge doesn't seem to oppose our behavior." Xu Ning said, "If there was a fight in the Tao Village, both parties would receive severe punishments. But he only took away one meal, doesn't this count as encouragement?"


Tao Qingyuan realized and said, "It seems that the upper level of the Black Armored Guards hope that we will stay aggressive."

"In any case, thank you so much for today."

When they arrived at their residence, Tao Qingyuan said, "We should help each other if we encounter anything in the future."

Xu Ning demonstrated powerful strength, as well as critical thinking skills. This made Tao Qingyuan feel that he was an extraordinary person.

In order to lead the Tao Village to thrive in the Black Armored Guards, he needed a helper like Xu Ning.

"Of course."

Xu Ning accepted Tao Qingyuan's offer.

Being able to get along with Tao Qingyuan was definitely beneficial to him.

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