I Hate You! To I Love You.. Book

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I Hate You! To I Love You..


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A highschool love story. Liza a simple girl with high temper + high energy, she transferred to her brothers school and met Blade who became her enemy knowing that this boy is #playboy and #player. What is love? A game? Just for fun? or to find your forever and to find someone who will stay by your side till death do as part? What can you do to prove, your love? ...... A cute couple destined to be together. From hatred to love? How can it be? Mahal kita kahit ano pang mangyari" "Mamahalin parin kita kahit na magsawa "Kapa sa akin" " Mahal na Mahal kita,at hinding hindi "Magbabago yun" "You and me" -Blade "Always and Forever" till " infinity And beyond" -Liza Story by: Lovelysophihugots. All Rights Reserved.


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