6 Meeting Their Friends

•Alex's POV•

After Greg and my mom left last night, I read a book on the couch until I fell asleep. I felt Liam pick me up off the couch, but I didn't say anything.

"She's really small for a 13 year old." I heard Liam whisper thinking I was asleep.

He brought me to my room and set me down on my bed and put my blanket over me. I slept in really late the next morning. Once I finally got up, I took a shower and blow dried my hair.

I put on short blue jean shorts and a thrasher crop top. I brushed my hair and put it into a high ponytail and threw on my black vans.

I headed downstairs to get some breakfast but stopped when I heard laughing. I peaked around the corner into the living room and saw Liam,Kade, and Grant playing video games with a two other boys..

I just assumed they are their friends and continued towards the kitchen.

"Oh hey Alex! Come meet our friends!" Grant yelled.

I just ignored them and grabbed an apple. I sat down at the kitchen island and read one of my books. I didn't get very far into my book until someone's arm snaked around my waist and hoisted me up.

"Put me down!"I yelled kicking my legs in the air.

"No can do. The boys told me to get you." Kade said.

"I hate you."I said pouting.

"I know." He said smirking.

Kade took my apple out of my hand and threw it away.

"Hey! I was eating that." I yelled.

He rolled his eyes and dropped me on the ground. I looked up to see Liam and Grant laughing.

"This is my dorky stepsister, Alexandra, guys." Liam said smirking.

"It's Alex." I said growling.

"Damn. Someone is in a bad mood." Grant said smirking.

I got up to leave but was pushed down by Liam. He handed me a PS4 controller. I looked confused because I had no clue as to why he wanted to hang out with me.

"Wait. I have two questions." I paused and Liam nodded. "I thought you didn't want anyone to know I'm your stepsister, and why do you want to hang out with me?" I questioned.

"These are our close friends. Only they know, and I want you to hang with us so I can see how bad you suck at video games." He said laughing.

I just rolled my eyes knowing that I really do suck at video games. I never found video games interesting or fun. I'd rather read. I really do sound like a dork.

Liam started the match, and I was confused as what I was to do. He explained to me that I wanted to shoot everyone on the opposite team. I nodded and looked at the teams.

Liam and Kade were on my team. Grant, Adrian, and Brandon were on the other team. I looked over at Adrian. He had black hair and was less muscular than Liam or Grant, but he was tall.

Brandon was different than the others. He was the tallest and very muscular. He had a sharp jawline and a scary demeanor.

"Will you stop drooling over me and play the fucking game." Brandon said harshly.

My face heated up and I turned my head quickly to the tv. After playing video games for a couple of hours, Liam ordered pizza. I got a medium pepperoni and only ate two slices. The boys split the rest of it.

I headed up to my room but was stopped by Adrian.

"You're not going to give me a hug before I leave?" Adrian teased.

I rolled my eyes and ran upstairs. He chased after me and caught me quickly. He threw me over his shoulder and brought me downstairs. They boys laughed when they saw me and I groaned.

"No can do, tiny." Adrian said as he dropped me on the ground.

I hated that stupid nickname he gave me. Adrian helped me up off the ground and hugged me tightly.

"Can't.. Breathe." I coughed out.

He laughed and let go. I looked over at Brandon. He held out his knuckle for a fist bump and I flinched. I gave him a timid fist bump and looked down.

"Bye loser." He said while ruffling my hair.

Once they left, the boys busted out laughing.

"You were so scared of Brandon!" Kade said in between laughs.

I scoffed and said, "No I am not."

"You flinched at a fist bump." Grant said.

I turned around not knowing what to say and headed to my room. I changed into pajamas and fell asleep.

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