1 Ch.1 error to brick

"June, year 2017, day the 15th, time 12:30pm.

*sound of a keyboard clacking*

Log No.1

Hello I'm Basil, well I the person writing this log, So to start things off, I grew up in Santa Cruz a tourist town, my Father was German while my Mother was Irish which makes me a German/Irish mix, I'm around 6'2 Ft, I have dirty blonde hair, and Im a college dropout, I just turned 21 a month ago, and my final note about me is that my Mother said I had a habit of swearing when I got angry or frustrated. So since I got my introduction done I'm telling you the reader what this log is for. This log will document well the new tricks I'll learn through out the weeks. So the first thing I'll be learning is to snap and whistle.

Log No.1 End

"Ugg, It feels so weird to type like that, but first I need to do is look up how to snap video."- Basil thought.

*Keyboard clacking*

Basil type in the search bar how to snap your finger tutorial, Basil clicked on the most suggested video of learn how to snap your fingers, after watching the whole video he got up from his chair to his bed to have a more comfortable area to sit.

Basil kept doing what the video told him to do till he finally got down the motion of snapping his fingers.

"How fucking dumb you gotta be to learn how to snap after 21 years of your life . . . . well I am, Now it's time for that demon of whistling."- Basil thought to himself while chuckling.

Basil got up from his bed to walk towards his computer that was across from him. After Basil sat down in his chair he typed in how to whistle, he clicked on the video then his clock hit 1:30pm.

After his clock ticked to 1:30pm Basil felt a sharp pain in his chest causing him fall to the floor from the pain. The last thing Basil sees before blacking out is his messing room with clothing scattered all around it.

Basil's final thoughts were "I should really clean up my room, and see mom and dads grave".

But this didn't just happened to Basil it happened to ninety-nine other people all around the world.

The reason why no one in the world noticed hundred people collapsing to the ground was because everyone who collapsed were alone at the time.

When Basil sense came back he was in a white room that seemed to go on forever, There was a man dressed in black with red bow tie around his neck, with a dark green clipboard in his hand.

The two thoughts that went through Basil's head were "Fuck I was really hoping to learn how whistle, and Mannnnn he got some good taste in fashion that clipboard holds it all together".

The man told Basil to take a seat which snaps Basil back into reality from his inner thoughts, Basil looks around and only see the endless white space.

There isn't any chai…- Basil said, but was stopped from the man snapping his fingers causing a chain to pop out of thin air.

Basil grabbed the chair and moved it closer to him to have a seat.

Let me introduce myself. I am the System the Gods of the world of Ambra made to tell you what's happening and what is going to happen, you can call me System for short.- System said.

So what's happening?- Basil asked.

You're one of the hundred people picked from earth to transfer over to the world Ambra through the deal between the God of Earth and the Gods of Ambra.- System answered.

Ok!- Basil said, with a mixture of joy and anger.

When you transfer over you will be given a new body of a random species that lives on the world of Ambra. That is close to the same intelligence of your old species maybe more or less, and don't worry your new body will never had possessed a soul in them before.- System said.

Ah! Okay i got most of it.- Basil said.

Ok to finish it up i'll tell you last three things you need to know- System said.

Ok I'm ready.- Basil answered back.

First, The Gods gave you the worlds system that every creature of Ambra has, and they will give you a bloodline trait that will be made from all of your experience of your past life and from your personality.- System said.

Second, Is that most of the world of Ambra is still conquered by monsters, so it isn't going to be easy to live there.- System said.

Third, From complaints from the first two generations, The Gods will give you world skills every now and then when you level up, which will be free to use till you reach their limit.- System said.

Anything else you gotta say?- Basil asked.

Oh! Yes I just remembered you can ask five questions that the Gods will personally answer, well they will tell me the answer and I'll say it back to you.- System said.

Okay! First thing why aren't we just getting human body's, you're gods.- Basil asked.

The gods thought it would be fun, and other reasons that you will learn later..- System answered back.

Basil started to think the gods weren't that nice.

Second, You cunts took me away from Earth a little too soon, you know I was still learning how to whistle- Basil in a angry tone

Uh? We will find a way to fix that, so no need to worry.- System answered.

Oh, okay that's good! Now my third question, what is this deal between the God of Earth and the Gods of Ambra?- Basil asked.

We can't fully tell you all the details, but the world of Ambra had a crack in its sphere. Which started to cause the world of Ambra to die alongside the gods of Ambra to weaken slowly till they die. Do you remember the big crisis that happened two years ago on Earth?- System said.

Yeah I remember that, they found out Earth was going through a worldwide famine or something, and other things happened, but after a few months the famine disappeared and new materials never found before appeared.- Basil answered.

Yes that did happen, and the Gods of Ambra were the ones who made the famine disappear and sent those materials to Earth. How well by making a deal with the God of Earth that he will send hundred souls of people that were living on Earth to live in the world of Ambra, while the gods of Ambra will help earth out.- System said.

Moment of silence.

Huh? You said there have already been two generations already, So I'm in the third?- Basil said.

Will that be your fourth question?- System asked.

No, no, no that won't, my fourth question will be, why would Gods want to reincarnate humans from another planet for no reason?- Basil asked.

Well from reincarnating humans from Earth the Gods of Ambra gain a extremely pure life essence, that they can use to stop the crack from leaking, and hopefully finally seal it up.- System said.

For my fifth question, What skills do you get from the world skills and what do they cost to use them?- Basil asked.

Well I can only tell you the first three skills you will get because if i told you all of them that would ruin the fun.- System said.

first skill you will get at lv.1 is

[Universal tongue and ears]


[Allows the user to understand and speak any language of a sapient species.]


Second skill you get at lv.3

[Cross breeding]


[Allows user to have children with any species. Oh true love, or your a filthy goblin.]


third skill at lv.5 you will get

[World Chat No.3]

[Rank: World]

[Allows user to talk to generation three 5 times a day before paying a some exp.]

[Free Usages: 5]

[Cost: 5 exp]


Basil's body started to fade away.

Oh it seems it's time for you to go, I hope you will have a nice next life.- System said.

Thank you for the help. Bye- Basil said while waking his hand

Basil's eyes grew heavier and heavier before they closed on their own, but right before his mind fully fading away, but Basil overheard multiple people scream

SHIT, SHIT, That ticker wasn't here and now an error happened because of that. This human isn't getting a body to be reborn in because of that error. And if his soul isn't attached to anything body, his soul is going to disappear.- Group of people said at the same time.

We got to find something to seal his soul in. Wait since he was going to be born in Edra's dungeon we can seal him in a dungeon brick, Shut up we don't have time to think about if it's gonna have any side-effects, Its better than having your soul disappear!- A woman's voice screamed

"Well shiiiii....."- Basil thought before his mind fully faded away.