24 A husband gets a new skill! The house?

There was a pink bird.

It looked like a swan, but the bird is probably some mutation between the hawk and swan! At least that's what Kyoya felt upon throwing a look on it. There was a gap between him and the monster, so he could see the level.

[Level 19 HP: 2200/2200]

The pink bird had a lot of HP, but Kyoya was already preparing the arrow. He held his bow tightly, then his eyes went wide the moment the arrow tore through the air. The first arrow is always important as it can deal with the most severe damage before the monster noticed the presence of the attacker.

By the way, Kyoya already had one hundred feathers, so his journey had tired him a little.


There are a few common 'weak' spots.

The brain, eyes, heart, and the gems too!

Kyoya couldn't see much, so he went for the head overall. Either eye or the brain, his goal was to start the battle with the considerable damage increased by his precise and weak spot! The pleasant surprise quickly greeted Kyoya!

[Critical damage!]

He did crit!

The crit caused the pink bird to let out the scream that shook the whole hill, then its one eye looked at Kyoya and his party with the killing intent. The wings flapped, its pressure already raising the hair of Kyoya and Xaya.

The goblin was the bald one.

"Tank, you low creature. What are you waiting for?!"


It looked like Xaya took a liking to bully this pitiful goblin... Perhaps her last chance had discarded everyone and so she was ready to kill and bully everyone who dares to threaten her husband!

The goblin had attacked them once and so it became the target of constant hard work and bullying.

Nothing could be done though as the gap was just too big.

His body rolled and for a second, one might think that the heavy armor was designed to be suited for the rolling... This thought is accurate, but the goblin will never say it aloud! He just rolled, then at the end, his new skill got utilized.

"Taunt! Geeeh!"

The taunt was a skill that costs him energy! The monsters usually use something akin to body energy that they can 'feel' with their instincts. Once this energy gets low, their minds get exhausted and body tired till its hard to move.

But the status of Kyoya had turned this into MP and so the goblin had an easier way of using his skills that were also listed with MP Cost. He grasped the attention of the pink bird, then its small body began digging the trails in the ground.


All due to the constant attacks of the shining beak that was like the gun!

The tough skin is a passive skill, so the goblin can only train it with his own body! He was doing it now through the armor as his hands had mere gloves that couldn't be used as equipment to fight.

He felt the pain, but what had to be done was done.

The pink bird is pinned down, so the husband can shot the arrows constantly.

"Go husband~~ Your shooting became faster!"


[New skill learned!

- Arrow Five!

- You can fire consecutive five arrows! The fifth arrow deals 20% more damage!]

"Great! Thanks, Xaya! You are so sweet!"

"Ah! Husband~~ I just spoke the truth~~ Hehe~~"

Reading Kyoya's mood and riding on his mood train was something Xaya was either good or bad! This time, she just made the best decision ever and just grasped her own body while cheering him! It caused the sexy pose and appearance, but Kyoya could fire his new skill, so he focused on that.

It was also the best decision to just cheer and not disturb him!

The first four arrows were looking normal, but the fifth one had a little silver air spiraling around its arrowhead. The 20% bonus damage blended with the marriage buff! The damage could be only called scary!

Even more, Mr. Husband was stronger and higher leveled.

This is just brutal at this point!


"We got this! Just continue tanking, goblin!"


No one could understand the emotions behind such a voice.


"Husband! It does not suit me at all!"

"I told you."

Xaya was looking at the feather that was mostly pink with the white ends... The feather itself was beautiful, but Xaya was 'heavenly' beauty and so the low-level item could only taint her beauty! It was an item done by her husband, so Xaya would treasure it.

But he spoke that it looks bad, so she ended up honestly speaking.

Still, she was treasuring it. The feather was gently resting within her hair, but Kyoya quickly tried to fix the problem. He reached out for the feather, then with his fingers rubbing it, Kyoya tried to use the options of the second character of his wife.

The effect was positive, her feather just disappeared.

The effects blended into Xaya's body along with the passive effect to stay close to her husband without bothering him! She quickly utilized it and her body clung to Kyoya from behind which was the pleasure Kyoya missed.

"Thank you, husband~~"

"Yes, yes~~ It's getting dark already, hmm."

Kyoya looked up at the dark sky! The sky was getting even darker as they spoke, but nothing could be darker than the black hole... The pillar is the best place to raise power and get closer to Xaya's strength, even a little.

The young man didn't feel like going back, so he decided to stay here.

"Going back to the city is not fine... The random location is a bother and the goblin might cause problems with his appearance alone... It would be great to have a portable house."

"What is the portable house, husband? The one that appears on your wish?"

"This is it I guess."

Kyoya just briefly explained about the house that he had in mind, then Xaya's mind shook with something similar she had seen in her life. The two ideas blended into one and so Kyoya got another quest.

[Create the portable house to spend the lovely nights with your wife in the wilderness!]

"Let's see... Hmm? We just need the wood?"

It was something surprising, but the portable house will develop just like the couple!

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