11 A husband's system is made to fulfill his yandere wife's wishes!

Hiro was a man who also got summoned.

His summoner was a pretty lady who explained as much as she could to him, so Hiro's information was way better than Kyoya when it came to this. He was nice enough to explain everything he knew!

He was also older than Kyoya by a few years, so he found it normal as senior!

"Summoning someone else is pretty cliche, right? But it is damn real! Haha! Listen, the reason we are summoned is to help our summoners. So the powers we got are more or less tailored to help our summoners."


"W-well... Yeah... This is what I got told... And my power is really suited to deal with the undead."

Kyoya's eyes twitched when he heard such words - 'The Undead'. He didn't need to wait long before learning that Hiro's mission is to enter A World's Pillar and eradicate the undead here...

The ladies that summoned him were from the 25th floor and their home was located here. They were born here and raised, so there was a deep sense of yearning, but also a huge desire to take revenge on the undead.

Those two desires couldn't be achieved by them.

The ladies had lost most of their lands and people didn't want to help them with the undead's race. They treated them as good leveling grounds to raise their abilities instead. The deadly monsters were non stop respawning here and dealing with undead didn't really raise many questions compared to other floors.

The people on other floors also could respawn here along other creatures born here.

This is a very strong ability given by A World's Pillar. The weakness is that people can not leave their floors, otherwise, such ability will be simply lost.

"Such people only die when they reach their natural death."

"I see."

So the ladies who summoned Hiro had long lost that ability along with their home. Their status on the 25th floor was very high, but after years of struggling, all that was left was simply a hope to go back here and create a simple house.

This was a very sweet desire.

"But you see..."

Hiro looked to the side. His 'summoners' were trying to talk with Xaya without even men asking them for. It was because they were interested in Xaya's beauty and believed she uses some kind of special cream or something like that.

They were simply curious.

So when Kyoya spoke to Xaya to get some friends, he added that he is going to make a new friend himself and left his wife alone.

Xaya was not liking it at all.

Her face was still beautiful, so the ladies pressed seeming to not notice her current emotions.

"I plan to reach the highest level! They rely on me and because of that, I could get already two women. I do know their feelings."

The ladies summoned Hiro as the last resort! It's not like everyone can summon others from other worlds, but they luckily had managed to do it. Hiro was someone who could use a light element, a rare power that simply extinguishes the undead!

"I am not going to wound their feelings, but the 25th floor is not the highest! I am going to the top!"

"You are a good man! Thanks for the information!"

"No problem!"

Kyoya nodded to Hiro who seemed like a good man! Both of them spoke a little about their own worlds, then a new dish exactly from that world arrived on their table. It was not exactly the same, but a chef had done a good job here.

Even a waitress was nodding with contentment, her lips glittering.

She had tasted it too!

"This is really well done!"

"I know, right? A chef did- Hiiiii!"

The lady even agreed with Kyoya wholeheartedly, but a scary pressure stomped on her body causing the waitress to let out a cry! The jealous yandere wife was looking at her with vicious killing intent!

Hiro himself nudged Kyoya to take his wife away! A recipe made with the help of the chef from the restaurant already had fallen onto Kyoya's palm, then Hiro patted Kyoya's back urging him to leave the restaurant.

The cold eyes' influence was spreading across the whole restaurant!

His wife was just that dangerous!

They had to go, otherwise, a lot of people will come here and who knows what kind of power do they possess! Hiro had a little knowledge when it comes to the adventurers, their guilds, and so on! This is all because he had yet to go to A World's Pillar.

Only then, his two women will explain more about that.

The first thing was to get familiar with the new world, and so he is doing by going around the city.

"Thank you! Thank you very much, we are leaving!"


Kyoya took his yandere wife, then both of them literally run away from the city! It was not really wise at all as it just gathered more attention. But Kyoya was inexperienced, his mind solely thinking about running away.

"Husband... Why... Why were you talking with that man more than me?! Is the city a reason for it?! Do I have to destroy this city?!"

"No! You promised me!"

"But... but you weren't looking at me at all!"

"What do you mean?! I am always looking at you! It doesn't mean I can not get friends just because I got you as my wife!"

"Husband... But such friends... such friends are scums! Did you know? He was looking at me with lust too!"

Xaya has sharp senses, but Kyoya was well aware as to why Hiro had a lust. Wasn't it because his wife was so damn gorgeous? This is it and nothing more needs to be said! Hiro wasn't doing any moves, because he already has his women.

Furthermore, he is just as weak as Kyoya!

Xaya was not related to him at all, and so it's not the time to expand his harem! He needs women that can help him. Such cold eyes surely won't help him in his journey at all...

But more importantly, Xaya was already with someone and so he only had a lust within his body awakened instinctively due to him being a young man!

Kyoya himself has hard nights all because he is a young man too!


"Yes, I understand... The husband should take care of himself though... If you keep it for too long, then you will be hurt."

"You don't understand..."

"I understand, husband."


They were outside, not even a small soul could be seen. It means his Xaya could easily calm down and answer his all thoughts with a cute 'I understand', but what followed after that was her real desire.

She was just keeping her focus on the most important thing that can 'seal' her last chance, so Kyoya knew she is not really listening at all.

'Xaya will change slowly, as long as I keep mentioning it! I also need to socialize her with others! A huge group of people is bad in this case...'

[You have completed a quest!]

Kyoya had completed the quest, then a recipe in his inventory got washed by his All Creation System. It became a magic thing that Xaya could use!

This was a recipe created solely for her!

"This is yours."

"Thank you, husband!"

Thanks to this recipe, Xaya could make his favorite dish without turning it into a black thing... This was the power of his system, a system that is also meant to support his wife's wishes!

But Kyoya was sure he is going to grow the best thanks to it!

His body also got washed by the system as there was a nice level up! His wife was just that ecstatic! The pleasant mood was interrupted, however.

Pitiful fools have come here to disturb a loving couple!

"Hehe, what stupid idiots. You are all going to be ours! This man is going to be a slave in the mine while that woman... ohhh...."

A fool couldn't even end his words as his eyes got locked on a happy beauty. He was already imagining way too much!

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