7 [7] Pervert Assassin

Kage followed the red arrow to a small hut in the back of the palace, it looked old but suitable enough for someone to live in. While sniffing around he caught the faint scent of blood, though it was covered up by the smell of something else it wasn't hard for him to make out, well since he IS a cat. Kage scanned the hut and jumped up to a small window... but calculated wrong and slammed straight into the wall. <"Tsk. Damn it, I hope he didn't get alerted by that."> Kage said while rubbing his nose, then once again jumped up to the window This time though he swiftly hopped into the hut, but what he saw mad him want to immediately turn back around and act like he saw nothing! The so-called 'assassin' was holding a pair of underwear with a perverted look in his eyes. No doubt if he didn't have a mask on Kage would've been able to see the perverted smile underneath.

The first thing that came to his mind at this moment was <"What the actual f*ck!?"> Kage looked stupidly at this perverted assassin and suddenly started to rage in his mind. <"What the fuck!! You're supposed to be a f*ckin assassin!! What kind of cold blooded killer f*cking tries to steal a girl's underwear!!!"> Once Kage finished his unspoken fit he observed the assassin closely but saw something that looked very familiar on the assassin's chest. <"Ah- well damn..."> Kage suddenly lost all hope in humanity. Well who would have ever thought that a female assassin would sneak into someone's room at night and steal their underwear, He sure as hell didn't.

<"You know what f*ck it. It could have been worse. (A/N: Don't jinx yourself.) Let's finish the mission."> Though little did he know the mission would be handled so easily, well with the assassin being so caught up in those underwear. Soon enough a small "ding" went off in Kage's head.


Story time:

Kage: "Sometimes I wonder if this is just calm before the storm."

Author: "Now now, don't jinx yourself kitty."

Kage: "Wtf, ew!! Don't call me kitty!! Wait- what did you mean by that?"

Author: "....."

Kage: "Hey!!! Don't ignore me!!!"

Author: "Ai, did you hear something?"

Ai: "Hm? Nope."

Kage: "Not you too!!!"

Author & Ai: "....."

Kage: "I don't understand women, Old man help me out here."

El (Old man): "..."

Kage: "...F*ck" QuQ

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