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<"Tsk. Only 10 points... why the hell did i get so little?"> Once again the mechanical voice rang out. {"System points are used for 'shop'. Does host wish to unlock shop for 20 points?"} <"Twenty points!? Why the hell does it cost so much!? Ugh."> Kage covered his head with his tiny paws and curled in Aiko's lap. {"Would host wish to unlock shop? 50 points remaining."} <"Ugh, Fine! Goodbye my hard earned points."} In the lap of princess sat a sobbing cat (If cats could cry that is.) {"System shop Unlocked. Would host like to upgrade system as well."} <"Upgrade system?"> The cat sat up and looked at the screen visible to only him and clicked on system info, as he read he found something interesting. <"Oh, so if I upgrade Ena that means i could get information quicker and she could get a customized avatar.... Hehe"> {"System refrains host from having lewd thoughts. Punishment -1 point"} <"Wait!!! My precious points!!! So i can't even be a man!!"> The kitten once again starts to sob {"Host may not have lewd thoughts about system."} <"Tsk. What a-"> Kage was cutoff by the coachman. "Princess we have arrived at the palace."

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Princess gets up and exits the carriage still holding Kage in her hands, Her father waiting at the gate walks up to Aiko and hugs her. "Haha finally my sweet daughter has returned home." He says as his grip tightens. "MEOW!!" The small kitten screeched as it was getting crushed between the old man and his daughter. "Oh I didn't realize you had a little friend with you." The old man looked down at the small black kitten and smiled slyly. "And here I thought all animals were afraid of my sweet little child." Princess lifted her fist and hit her father on the head. "You old fox. Has anyone ever told you how annoying you are." "Hehe. You're acting more and more like you mother every day." "Oh yes that reminds me how is mother doing. I've brought her a gift."

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