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Princess got up and opened the curtain to her carriage. "Bring it to me at all costs." She glared at the shadow guard standing at the edge of her carriage and softly stroked Kage's head, who she was still holding. <"I never knew being a cat would feel this good"> He said to himself while he wagged his tail slightly. {"New mission: Get Princess Aiko to bring you back to the palace."}

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<"Princess Aiko? That must be this woman right?"> He looks up at the woman that is now stroking his back. She looks down at his big eyes and turns to sit down.

An half our later a soldier finally comes back. "Princess we have successfully slain the silver wolf king."

"Good now lets go back to the palace, father is waiting for me to return." She puts Kage down and pushes him towards the door. "Go on little one your family is probably waiting for you." She softly smiles and puts aer hair behind her ear. <"So beautiful... I must complete this mission!"> Kage turns back around and rubs against her leg. "Rrrrr." He softly purrs and looks at the princess with the cutest face he could make. "You silly thing." <"Yes that's it take me with you"> Princess picks him up and puts him out side the carriage, when she gets back in she tells the coachman to go. Kage sits on the ground completely stunned. <"...How could anyone refuse the face of a poor little kitten... No i must complete this mission!"> He gets up and runs after the carriage, and once again jumps through the window. "Meow." The princess looks down at her leg as the same black kitten from before rubs against her leg. She sighs and picks him up once again. "You're quite hardheaded aren't you little one." {"Mission complete. Reward 10 credits."}

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