1 Introduction-heroine

The scene seems like fully greenery surrounded here all-around.Flowers are blossoms.It is very colourful to see.

from far away,there was one lady(our heroine) running in white dress.Her stole on neck flies due to wind.

She stopped running and layed under the tree.wind make a flowers to fall down.These flowers are fallen like rain on her.

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Her cute face with smile given more beauty to the surroundings.

Not only good appearance she had also she was kind-hearted person too.

It is so late almost sunset time.She rushed away to her home.

After reaching home,she heard some noise coming out from home.Her parents are arguing with each other.

she get mood off.She went to her room inside.She was thinking about how to stop the argument between her parents.

So she had layed on floor and she gave a signal with loud voice to make feel that she was in danger.

They rushed towards her by calling her name "Raga".

She created some drama.although she was a drama queen.Her parents forgotten their argument and taking care of her.

Her father asks her mother to bring milk.Her mother went to kitchen to bring the milk.Her father catches her while acting.Father asks her about it.

She smiles and hugged him.Mother came with glass of milk to her.

Both father and daughter teases her mother.she had given a return counter to their words.

whatever,all are happy.

After completing dinner,she went inside her room.

Moonlight coming from outside fallen on her face. She covered moonlight with her hands.

Outside,there was full of darkness but moon kills it.

Raga feel like pleasantness.

She got into sleep by thinking about the things happened in whole day from morning to this night..

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