1 A Melodramatic Intro

Since I was young, I looked at life very differently from the rest, from my perspective it was nothing but another soul to waste, follow the usual steps: Get born, go to school, fall in love, get married, procreation and death. The reason for this being unknown even to myself, but most probably of the way my parents raised me to be. Throughout my young life, I spent much of my days in school just looking at the window and at times even flirting with many girls around the school.

It was that one day in school that I finally met that girl that I didn't expect that I would fall for, after everything that I've been through, it's like I've dated every single girl on the school and the day she confessed seemed like just another day of confession from a girl in love with me. Under that dark willow tree up the hill, on that hot afternoon when the air seemed like steam instead.

"Jian Chen, please go out with me!" she bowed while saying so. Traditionally, it is the norm when girls bow down while confessing to boys, and for some it may seem like a pretty happy and exciting moment of their lives because they will be entering the process of transition towards adulthood, but for me it wasn't that.

"Another confession, let's make her time worthwhile," I thought. I never planned on prolonging our relationship other than 'lovers', because so, I never even liked her in the first place. But let's be frank, she was cute, and with those glasses on - made her even cuter and secretly I had a fetish for glasses but I never even told them to anyone, even to my friends for the probability that it may ruin my reputation and take the only past time I had away from me.

For the days leading up to the end of the school days, I had always been feeling the feeling of depression, due to the fact that I never even got the love that I deserved from my parents, I was raised by my aunt and uncle and they showed me that love as if they were my real parents but I still felt really empty.

Graduation day, the final day of school. We stood on that auditorium with our heads held high, well, at least for the others. I was scratching my head the entire time, and she, Tyra Liu - my girlfriend, was there right beside me, heck I never thought she is still here with me. Still, I was already planning to break up with her, but I never wanted to express it verbally, I wanted to show her my dark side and in that way, she'll leave me, just like the others.

We finished the program, we were given our certificates and while wearing our togas, took pictures with everyone in the class. Tyra insisted that we take a picture with just the two of us and considering that it was the last day of our relationship, I thought "why not?"

She dragged me around the corner and outside of the school, and before I knew, we were already standing under the willow tree.

"Why did she brought me here? Does she even have a camera?" I thought. She had a glimmering smile upon her face, I'd hate to see it turn to a frown after I'd show her my bad side and maybe tell her about the bad things that I like.

"What's wrong?" she asked, I immediately looked at her, I noticed that she was carrying a camera on her hand, it wasn't that big nor was it that small.

"Nothing, it's just really out of a sudden," I said.

"What is?" she asked, tilting her head to the right, showing an expression of wondering, her glasses almost falling loose but then she used her finger to rearrange it back to her eyes.

"Nevermind, anyway, let's just take a picture and let's go back," I walked towards her and she took the camera from her hand gently. I grabbed her by my arm and I lifted the camera up high with the lens facing us. I pressed the button, the camera flashed and the photo was taken. Tyra quickly grabbed the camera to check the picture out.

"Maybe it's not the time," I thought. After seeing her smile, made me rethink my plans. I had no plans to ruin her perfect smile, so I had to postpone any idea of breaking her heart for another day.

Summer came, I had to prepare for the college entrance exams so I read a lot of books and searched up the internet for references while simultaneously writing a book. My plans for the future were divided into two paths, it was either I become a CEO of a huge enterprise or live my life normally by writing books, and with the pace that I was going at, it seemed like I was heading for the latter. To be honest, becoming a novelist isn't that bad, you write anything you want, people read it and you earn money, it's that easy - at least, I hope that was the case. You have to write something before your deadline comes and it's very stressing considering the amount of time given which is not that long and I'm totally not a robot programmed to write all day.

Preet Preet Preet

My ringtone sounded, I temporarily stopped what I did to pick up my iPhone 8 that was placed just beside the books. I was a big iPhone enthusiast and one of my dreams was to always have the latest phones but I would be always 2 to 3 phones late because of my financial problems. Thus bringing me to my ambitious dream of becoming a CEO, I'd like to dream of myself becoming one because since I was a little kid, I always thought success was the only thing a human needs, at least that was my belief.

I unlocked the phone to see the messenger app with a little red bubble to the upper right of the icon. I pressed the icon which opened the app. It loaded for some time before eventually, a message came up in all bold letters, signifying that it was new. It was from Tyra, inviting me to go on a date. At that moment I was divided between going and studying, but considering the amount of stuff I've read already, I thought I could use some break and quickly replied,

"I'll be there at 3 o'clock in the afternoon."

My mind wasn't filled with thoughts about what I was going to do for the date but rather on how I was going to end my relationship with her. Like the girlfriends I had before, they left me after I showed them that I wasn't as cool as they thought me to be. To be honest, people are fake as hell, you just don't know who to trust and probably Tyra is just one of them. I know some of you may be asking, what's the point of starting a relationship if you just want to end it the first place? Why not reject her right after she confessed? To be honest, I could've done that, but the reason for all of this was to write something for my novels, I needed to research by experiencing things and also I wanted to feel the feeling of being loved even if it's temporary or fake, because, in the end, my heart has already grown numb to the feeling of being broken after all that I've gone through.

Just I told her, I arrived at the mall right 'on time', or to be more precise, I was probably 30 minutes earlier and I had to wait for almost an hour under the blazing hot of the sun, and for what reason? I didn't know, although I didn't legitimately like her, I had no Problem waiting for her under the sun for the sole reason that I wanted everything to go as planned.

Sounds of people's step were all around me and were all that I could hear but suddenly my hearing was focused on a certain step that was heading towards me, it was coming from behind me, to which I turned my head too.

"Sorry, I'm late!" It was her, wearing probably the most fitting outfit for her, or not. These past few days, I've quite found her pretty, or not. I just don't know for my mind seems to be taking a course which I didn't want to, and if that was the case, then I'd find out today. All the time that we were together, all I've shown her was my cool side, which most of the time is totally me just faking out to look good towards girls.

"Well, guess who's late," I inserted my hand onto my pocket while my other hand was styling my hair, still trying to look cool. Tyra was panting as she caught her breath, with her arms hanging down and her knees bent as if she just came from running. She held her glasses as she fixed her posture, looking at me with a smile, unexpectedly catching me off guard and eventually blushing while turning my head back to hide my face from her.

"Damn, she's pretty, wish she'd stayed with me forever. Other than that, she's kind, she's smart. I doubt there'll be any other girl as perfect as her but I do hope she likes me for who I am and not because of my looks. Nevertheless, y will either end everything or something unexpected might happen, who knows?" I thought. Love is temporary, lasting for a really long time - well most of the time and it only exists when the person has deep regard towards the other person. Most of the times, the ones that last longer are the ones that are considered 'true love', I wonder if Tyra really bears feelings for me, even when I show her my personality.

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