I got 'reincarnated' as a CEO of a large enterprise Book

novel - Fantasy

I got 'reincarnated' as a CEO of a large enterprise


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Jian Chen is the campus crush and is very famous, he dreams to be a CEO of a company. He has dated many girls in the past but has never ever really fallen in love with one for he couldn't really love someone after losing trust in people the day his parents left him. His secret was that he was an otaku, and when girls learn of this fact, they immediately will dislike him. One day, a girl confessed to him and as usual Jian Chen planned to break up with her after some time but he unexpectedly falls for her. With the same mindset, Jian Chen still wants someone to fall in love with him as a person and not because of his looks, so he tells her the truth about him. Scared about the answer that she will give him, he starts running away until he was caught in an accident. When he wakes up, he realizes that he had just become the person that he dreamed to be - in a parallel world.