1 Chapter 1

Ethan's POV

The obnoxious ringing of alarm woke me up from my deep slumber. I sleepily patted my bedside table for the alarm clock, once I got hold of it I knocked it out so that it can stop the noise. I groaned not wanting to get up but knew staying in wasn't an option since I had to go to college.

I sighed getting up and padded my way towards the bathroom to do my morning routine. I showered and threw on a black t shirt paired with blue ripped jeans. I did my hair, grabbed my phone and headed downstairs.

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I saw my mom at the dining table and smiled. I love the woman to death, I pecked her cheek "Hey Mum"

She smiled "Good morning sweety, come eat something"

I sat next to her, grabbing myself a toast while she poured juice in the glass. I thanked her, I always look forward to breakfasts since mum is always busy with her work we only get to have breakfast together and maybe dinner somedays when she doesn't have work.

The squeaking of chair brought my attention towards the person sitting across from me. She started eating while being on the phone the whole time.

I rolled my eyes at my elder sister we didn't have the best relationship, we grew distant over the years. The main reason being me coming out to my family.

I remember I was 13 when I came out. I was so nervous, I didn't know if they would accept me after this, I expected the most from my sister since we were inseparable back then but I was proved wrong when she said and I quote "I can't believe I spent my time with a fag".

My mum was very supportive of me and my dad too, they did not tolerate any insults from Emma (my sister) and from then she didn't talk to me except the fights she started obviously.

But anyways I was happy, my family accepted me. My dad died in a car accident a few years ago, he was an amazing man, I miss him alot.

After breakfast I grabbed my bagpack and headed towards my mom's car. I sat in the passenger's seat and she drove us to my college. I pecked her cheeks "Bye mum" "Bye honey" she said and drove off.

I looked ahead of me and sighed at yet another day of college. I had English in the first period. I entered the classroom and was surprised to see my best friend Riley, she usually comes a little later.

I almost laughed at the expression on her face, she looked so bored. When she saw me she waved at me, I smiled and sat next to her.

"Hey boo" she smiled

"Hi Rey, you came early today" I pointed out.

"Yeah mom was so pissed by my dropping grades, she basically kicked me out saying I had to come early and she would appoint a tutor for me.

Ugh and she wouldn't hear No for an answer. She also said less hanging out with friends and almost no parties." She rambled on.

"Sucks for you" Lucas said sitting behind me.

"Where's Noah?" Riley asked. Noah is Lucas's boyfriend, they live together. Their parents kicked them out at a very young age when they found out about them being Gay.

They confided in each other and worked together so they can afford the rent and their education. I'm so proud of them.

"He wasn't feeling well, I even asked to stay with him but he refused." Lucas answered.

Our teacher came and started with her lecture. Today was her last day here, she was moving out to a different place so we would have a new teacher from tomorrow.

She was interrupted by Maddison, the teacher allowed her and continued with the lecture. Maddy sat in front of Riley taking out her notebook.

The class ended and we were free to leave. I made my way towards a nearby café. I took a seat at the last table and took out my laptop. The waiter came and I ordered a burger with fries. He nodded and walked away.

I had a deadline to meet so I started with my work. I write BL stories and novels, I even make money from it. I didn't say this to anyone since my stories can be a bit explicit.

Though I want to be a teacher but even after that I would continue writing. I love to write and express my thoughts. My order arrived and I continued with my work eating in between. Hopefully it'll be finished by tomorrow.

After four hours of writing and a few more orders, I was almost finished. I placed back the laptop in my bag and headed towards the bus stop. I got on the bus and took a seat, I inserted the headphones and clicked on my Playlist.

I reached my house and headed to my room. I changed into comfortable clothes. I grabbed a few chips and put on some Netflix. I made myself comfortable and started watching the series while eating..

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